How To 10x Your Organic Reach On Facebook For FREE

How To 10x Your Organic Reach On Facebook For FREE

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How To 10x Your Organic Reach On Facebook For FREE Summary:

Chances are if you are a home business owner and have used Facebook to promote or market your business using a fanpage you may have experienced a lower reach on all of your status updates.  A lower reach means less of your fans and friends are seeing your posts!  

This has caused a lot of online marketers to lose faith in using a fan-page and in some cases has call many marketers to stop advertising on Facebook period.  This post and the video above is designed to help you better understand how Facebook works and to assure you that fans and fan-pages specifically are worth your time and effort.  

In this video I break down 5 important questions and issues that you may have when it comes to organic reach on Facebook.

What Is Organic Reach?

Organic reach is your ability to post an update on Facebook and have it show organically to all your fans and friends.

Why Facebook Organic Reach Is Declining?

There are simply more stories and more pages being created and liked everyday.  This means less space to show all the content that your fans and friends are posting

Why Not Just Show All Post?

Facebook’s main concern is showing you post that are the most relevant to you.  If Facebook showed every update that every person posted you would see less of the things your are interested in and more of the things you hate.  This would make Facebook a less attractive for you and advertisers.

Is Facebook Just Trying To Make More Money?

According to Facebook the answer is NO.  Their main reason for kicking off spammers and adding relevance score on ads for advertisers is to improve the overall experience of their users.  

Is Their An Advantage To Having A Facebook Fan-page?

The answer is YES, when used correctly a fan-page advantages huge.  Check out the video above to see why!


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