3 Reasons Twitter Should Be Your # 1 Lead Generation Method

3 Reasons Twitter Should Be Your # 1 Lead Generation Method

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3 Reasons Twitter Should Be Your # 1 Lead Generation Method Summary:

Twitter has made major improvements to it’s advertising platform.  In my opinion there is not a better website when it comes to targeting than twitter.  On Twitter the conversations going on actually serve as the keywords in which you as the advertiser can target your audience.  So if a person tweets something about your business or specific niche, you have the ability to instantly put your content in front of them.

There are 3 main reasons I believe Twitter should be a resource you should for your home business.

1: Twitter Targeting

You have the ability to target your ideal customer in so many ways!  You can target keywords that people are actually searching for or tweeting.  You can target other people’s followers.  So if a person in your niche has a lot of people following them you can run ads directed at those individuals.  You can target TV shows or broad categories that are close to your niche market.  Lastly you can target any of your followers or people who have visited specific websites that you own. 

2: Twitter Reach

There are millions of tweets happening every second and if you play your cards correctly you can position your business in front of the people who need your products the most.  The reach that twitter provides is amazing allowing you to get unlimited visitors to your websites very fast!  

3: Twitter Branding

If you are a celebrity with any type of brand chances are you are on Twitter.  This is why you should be there as well. Twitter allows you to brand yourself as a leader and authority figure in your niche.   Because of Twitter cards, videos and images your ability to stand out in the crowd and brand yourself is huge.


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