3 Tips To Starting A Home Business! What I Would Do If I Had To Start All Over Again To Grow My Home Business

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed… “3 Tips To Starting A Home Business! What I Would Do If I Had To Start All Over Again To Grow My Home Business.”

I’ve heard people say, starting a home business is not easy, if it were easy everyone would be successful at it. I actually believe there is some truth to that statement.  While most people say that about being an entrepreneur, I always say working a 9 to 5 is easy, that’s why everyone does it!

That mental shift always sparks conversation!

Most people go into business because they want to be wealthy and create a better life for themselves and their family. I have never heard anyone say, I want to get a job because I want to be wealthy.

I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, but that has never been said to me.

So if you know you most likely won’t be wealthy working a job, your only option is to start a home business for yourself.

That just makes sense!

So if you are looking to start a home business I will give you a few tips to help you grow your business and avoid some of the mistakes I have made!

1. Find A Mentor: In fact pay a coach to help you. Time is money and money is time so every second you waste doing things that waste your time is costing you money.  A good mentor will help you stay focused and on track to growing your business!

2. Work Your Passion: Don’t start a business based on how much money you will make. Try to find something to do that you are passionate about! If you love waking up everyday and building your business, you will be able to withstand all of the ups and downs that happen when growing a home business!

3. Commit To A Long Term System: Don’t focus on the short-term outcome, think of your business as an asset! The longer you keep it, protect it and build it the more valuable it will become. In other words, work hard for 12 month blocks then look back and check your progress for about 24 hours then get back to work. While everyone jumps around you will remain focused, which will keep you ahead of your competition!

Starting a home business in my opinion is always the right thing to do because it gives you a chance at financial freedom but it also makes you appreciate entrepreneurs. You will really appreciate your boss more because you will know what they most likely went through when starting their company.

Follow these 3 tips and you will be on your way to growing a successful home business!

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