3 Types of Twitter Ads I Run To Get Traffic To My Blog

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3 Types of Twitter Ads I Run To Get Traffic To My Blog

Twitter is a social media site where users interact and post 140 character messages or ‘tweets’.

From a marketing perspective, Twitter is powerful because you can target users and jump into their conversations based on different keywords that you choose.

The keywords for Twitter are the actual conversations and tweets that are happening in real time! Talk about targeted…I take full advantage of this when it comes to driving traffic to my blog.

There are 3 main types of Twitter ads I use to drive traffic to my blog.

1.     Twitter Promoted Tweets

2.     Twitter Website Cards

3.     Twitter Video Ads

Below I will walk you through each type of Twitter ad, the advantages, and give you a few tips on how I leverage Twitter ads to get traffic to my blog.

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1. Twitter Promoted Tweets

Twitter Promoted Tweets are just like any other tweet.  The only difference is advertisers can pick a normal tweet and pay for that tweet to reach a wider group of users than just your current followers.

Let’s pretend I want to run a Promoted Tweet and drive to one of my blog posts.

You’d first access your Twitter Ads dashboard and click on “Create new campaign” then “Website clicks or conversion”.

Twitter Image 1

This will take you to a page where you set up your ad. There are 4 steps:

1.     Overview

2.     Audience

3.     Budget

4.     Creatives

Overview – This step is where you name your campaign and set how long you want to run your campaign for.

Audience – This step is where you decide who you want to target for your Twitter Promoted Tweet.  You can target keywords, followers, other Twitter user followers, behaviors, location, etc. Choosing an audience is a crucial step to your ads success, if you want more information on how to choose an audience, click HERE.

Budget – This step is straightforward. Set a total budget for the entire campaign as well as a daily budget. For example, if you wanted to run an ad for 5 days and spend $10 a day, you would set your daily budget at $10 and your total budget at $50.

Creatives – This is where you choose which previous tweet you want promote.

Twitter Image 2

Twitter also gives you the option to create a new tweet or a website card, but I’ll save that for the next ad type.

Once you have chosen your tweet, click launch at the top and Twitter will review your ad then you’ll be good to go!

2. Twitter Website Cards

Twitter Website cards are very similar to Twitter Promoted Tweets, except they come attached with an image + a call to action.

Here an some example of Twitter Website Cards:

Twitter Image 3

As you can see, Twitter Website Cards look different than Twitter Promoted Tweets. The image and the clear call-to-action looks really nice and helps your tweet stand out in the crowd in the Twitter Newsfeed.

In order to create a Twitter Card, you take the same exact steps as I mentioned above when creating a Twitter Promoted Tweet.  The only difference is when you get to the creative section of creating your ad.

Twitter Image 5

You can also create a website card before setting up your actual ad. This is the way I do it and recommend.

You’ll want to click on Creatives in the Twitter Ads Back Office and click Cards.

Twitter Image 6

Once you click on cards, you’ll want to click on Website then Create Website Card.

Twitter Image 7

This is where you create your card. As you can see below, you can upload an image, enter the URL of your website, choose a headline, and create a call to action.

Image dimensions must be at least 800 pixels wide and 320 pixels high.

Twitter Image 3

Once you have filled in all necessary card content, click create your card. You then can compose a tweet with your newly made Twitter Card.

Twitter Image 9

You now have the option to tweet the card organically to your Twitter Timeline, or you can choose the Promoted-Only option (meaning you want to run an ad with your card).

Twitter Image 10

Once you select promoted only, choose the campaign you want to run and you are good to go!

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3. Twitter Video Ads

Last we have Twitter Video Ads. I truly believe Video is the future of marketing, so I highly recommend taking full advantage of Twitter Video Ads.

Here an example  of Twitter Video Ad I Run:

Twitter Image 11

 To run a Twitter Video Ad, click on Create New Campaign inside the Twitter Ads Manager.

Twitter Image 13

Just like the previous Twitter Promoted Tweet and Twitter Website Card, you will have 4 steps: Overview, Audience, Budget and Creatives.

When you get to creatives, you will see the image below:

Twitter Image 14

This is where you will fill out the designated fields and upload the video you want to run an ad too.

You can also create your video ad from the creatives option.

Twitter Image 15

Then you want to click on “Upload A Video”.

Twitter Image 16

Upload your video and it will take you to a page that looks like this:

Twitter Image 17

Fill out all of the necessary fields, choose Promoted Only, pick which campaign you want to attach your new Twitter Video Ad too! It’s that simple.

In conclusion, Twitter is a strategy I have been using for years and as you can see, Twitter is not only simple, but also extremely effective.

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