5 Twitter Lead Generation Secrets

5 Twitter Lead Generation Secrets -Episode 291
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5 Twitter Lead Generation Secrets

For Home Business owners, Twitter is an amazing lead generation tool. Twitter is a social media site where users interact and sends tweets. From a marketing perspective, Twitter is powerful because you can target users and jump into their conversations based on different keywords that you choose. Outside of the traditional search traffic resources like Google or Yahoo/Bing, Twitter is a powerful platform when it comes to targeting your audience.

Surprisingly, Twitter is extremely under utilized by marketers even though Twitter is a top 10 traffic website in the world. Twitter provides a lot of resources you can use to generate targeted leads and if mastered, you will have a major advantage over your competition.


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Below are 5 Twitter Lead Generation Secrets:

1: Twitter Lead Generation Card

A Twitter Lead Generation Card is an image that stands out in the Twitter Newsfeed and has a button attached to it. When a person clicks the button, Twitter automatically sends that persons info to your list and you get the lead.

In other words, people that engage with your Twitter card and click the button will never have to opt in on an actual page.

The email sent to your autoresponder is the email address that person uses to sign into Twitter. Because of this, your emails will have a much higher open rate because you know they are accurate!

2: Twitter Website Card

If you’re looking to get more targeted traffic to your website, Twitter Website Cards are your best bet. Much like the Twitter lead generation cards, a website cards is an image that stands out in the Twitter Newsfeed and when clicked, takes people to a website of your choice.

For best results, make sure the website you are driving traffic to is mobile friendly. It’s been proven that images and cards have a much higher engagement rate, so take full advantage of this option!

3: Handle Targeting

When first creating a Twitter account, you have to choose a handle (or username) for your account. Every person has to create a unique handle in order to use Twitter. It’s a way of identifying yourself or your brand.

As I mentioned earlier, Twitter is extremely powerful when it comes to targeting because you can actually target a handles followers!

For example, if you wanted to target all my followers, you could literally set up an ad and choose to target all the followers of Vince Reed.

Now your Lead Generation Cards, Website Cards, and Twitter ads will show to all of my followers on Twitter. This is extremely powerful when it comes to targeting your avatar! Click HERE and I’ll show you more ways to target and introduce you to my 3 part Twitter Mastery course.

4: Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting on Twitter is different than any other platform. The keywords are the actual conversations happening on Twitter in real time.

For example, lets say you are selling health products. You could create a website card and run an ad targeting anyone in real time tweeting about losing weight. So if Bob tweets to Sally “Hey, I’m going on a diet this summer and need to lose a few pounds”, your ad would show up in their newsfeed like you just jumped into their conversation!

This also works for Twitter search as well. If someone searches ‘lose a few pounds’, your ad will show up!

5: Twitter Retargeting

Just like Facebook or any other website, you can retarget on Twitter. When someone clicks or engages with your content, you are able to continue to market to that person and put your information in front of them!

Retargeting is a powerful tool that can enhance your conversions and keep quality content in front of your target audience.

So these 5 tips – Twitter Lead Generation Cards, Twitter Website Cards, Target Handles, Target Keywords, and Twitter Retargeting – are all powerful ways to generate targeted traffic and leads for your Home Business.

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