How To Stream Live Video On Facebook

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How To Stream Live Video On Facebook

Facebook has done it again. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but they have released an awesome new way to connect – have you ever heard of Facebook Live?

If not, Facebook Live now lets you connect with your friends, fans, family and followers by sharing real-time video of what you are doing/seeing.

In other words, you now have the capability to share anything in real time with your Facebook family – as long as you have your smart phone.

This is an absolute game-changer… and I’m here to walk you through the steps of how to stream live video so you can take full advantage of this awesome marketing tool.

Who Has Access To Facebook Live?

Facebook Live starting making noise around late summer of 2015. It was first introduced to a select amount of people, mainly celebrities and athletes with verified Fan Pages.

Soon enough Facebook Live was available to all verified fan pages… and that’s when I began to take full advantage of this amazing marketing tool.

Just recently, Facebook announced that all Facebook users would be able to leverage Facebook Live with their personal pages, and they have lived up to their word.

I’ll show you how to access it here in just a second, but I want to make sure I’m clear: All personal Facebook accounts will be able to access Facebook Live. Facebook Business Pages/Fan Pages will still need to be verified to access Facebook Live.

Step 1 – Set Up Your Live Stream

Facebook Live can be accessed through the Facebook App by clicking on Status (image below) or through the Facebook Mentions App.

I only recommend downloading the Facebook Mentions App if you are going to leverage Facebook Live with your verified Business Fan Page. Otherwise, just stick to using the normal Facebook mobile app.

Image 1

Once you click on status, you’ll see at the bottom a little blue blurb pop up that reads ‘New! Record and Share Live Video’. Click it.

Image 2

You are now ready to go! Click the continue button and it will take you to the final step before you start your live stream. This is where you want to name your Live Stream.

I recommend naming your Live Stream something that isn’t too long of a title but reflects exactly what you are going to be sharing. This is crucial because your title is what everyone (friends, family, fans) is going to see in the newsfeed.

Image 3
Some example titles of past live streams I’ve done are:

The more ‘to the point’ your title is and the better you understand the community you’re serving, the odds of your Facebook Livestream being a massive success are only going to be high.

Image 4

Step 2 – Start Your Broadcast!

Your title is now complete. The next step is to click GO LIVE. You’ll get a 3 second countdown and then BOOM! You will be livestreaming on Facebook showing up in your friends/family/fans newsfeed.

There is a button on the top right of the screen that will flip the camera for you… So you can get creative with how you present your livestream – either selfie style facing you, or away from you while you film something.

During the livestream, Facebook will notify you how many people are watching in real time. You will also be able to see comments and interact with your live viewers.

Although you can’t comment back during the actual Livestream, you can like your viewer’s comments and engage with them accordingly.

Step 3 – Edit Your Video

Now that your Facebook Livestream is complete, it’s time to maximize the performance.

Editing a Facebook Live video is no different than editing a normal Facebook video. Click on your Facebook Live Video, click on options then edit.

Image 5

You can choose a thumbnail (Facebook gives you 10 options), categorize your video, add a call to action to your website, and even edit your title/text!

Once all of that is complete, you can really add some juice to your Facebook Live video by going into the power editor and creating a video ad to get more eyeballs on your livestream.

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In conclusion, Facebook Live will be and has been a major key to my business. We live in an online world and it’s clear to me that video is here to stay… So my best advice would be to take full advantage of Facebook Live!

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How Can You Learn More About Search Traffic?

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