Have You Purchased Home Business Training Products In The Past? Why Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Results!

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed…”Have You Purchased Home Business Training Products In The Past? Why Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Results!”

Believe it or not a 5 or 6 months ago I actually thought about leaving the home business industry to train people in another niche.

For a quick second I began to doubt that home business professional would actually implement the information that they were being taught.

I felt like many of them were addicted to buying products but were not committed to perfecting what they were being taught.

So I began to think back to when I was getting started. I reached to find all those old emotions that I would experience when I would get frustrated. I thought back to what I felt like when I was struggling to understand everything that goes into growing a business.

I remember buying a product and doing everything that the mentor or coach was telling me, but I would still find myself struggling.

So when I was just about to lose it, I decided I would just reach out the creator of the product and see if I was missing something. Usually I would have to bug the a few times until they would answer me. I remember saying to myself when I was hunting down these gurus that I would do my best to be responsive to my students if I ever get any.

But when they got back to me, which by the way they all usually would, I would learn something that always helped me instantly get better results. The funny thing is it would usually be a little thing that I would miss.

So when I was thinking of leaving the industry I quickly changed my mind and came up with this idea that if I allowed everyone who bought my product to mastermind with me every week where I would be able to show them little tricks or strategies that I was using. If I could show them exactly how I implement what I taught in my products they would get results faster and they could avoid some of the mistakes I made when I got started.

So that is why I created a VIP ACCESS package in my Internet marketing system AKA MITS. Last night we had our 1st practice of the year, which was amazing and so much fun.

So many students got to see me prospect live and the cool thing is one of the strategies I was walking them through live actually worked almost on que as right after the webinar the person I was talking to bought the product.

I could not have scripted things any better.

So the key to growing your business is to find a good mentor, implement what you learn and teach what you do. But most importantly, make sure you find a mentor who is willing to work with you because perfect practice makes perfect results.

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