Have You Tried Mobile Search PPC Marketing? These 4 Tips Will Help You Get Faster Results With Mobile Search PPC Marketing!

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed… “Have You Tried Mobile Search PPC Marketing? These 4 Tips Will Help You Get Faster Results With Mobile Search PPC Marketing!”


If your home business is going to succeed it’s going to come down to your ability to generate new fresh-targeted leads on a consistent basis.

The problem is leaning how to generate new leads, implementing them into your business and perfecting that skill is not easy to do!

The good news is like most things in life lead generation can be learned; all you have to do is commit to mastering it.

That is why I created my internet traffic system, AKA MITS to help new marketers learn how to generate leads without all of the technical things that often hold people back from getting results.

A new marketing method that any network marketing rep or home business owner can use is mobile search ppc marketing.

Mobile Search PPC Marketing allows you to take advantage of all of the mobile search traffic. That means when people are searching on their phone you can have your ad pop up when people are searching for specific keywords.

For example, lets say a person types in the name of your company, your industry or keyword that is relevant to your product. You can have an ad pop up, build a list and sell your product to an interested prospect. There is nothing like search traffic.

Below are some key points to making mobile search ppc work.

1. Buy a course to learn how to implement mobile search ppc marketing. I obviously suggest you purchase my course mobile ppc 2.0 which is inside of the MITS system and available to all level 2 members.
2. Leverage a mobile friendly capture page when you are using mobile ppc. When your customers click on your ad you want to make sure that they can easily see your information from their phone, opt in for more infomation and get what is was that they were looking for.
3. Set a budget that you can afford. Do not blow your rent money trying to get rich quick using this method. The key to marketing is to do it for a long period of time.
4. The fortune is in the follow up, which is why I added a bonus module to the MITS level 1 product called “Follow Up Secrets Of 7 Figure Earners.” So many people learn how to generate leads but don’t make sales because they don’t understand this concept of follow up.

If you use these 4 tips you will dominate mobile search, build a huge list and be well on your way to growing your network marketing, mlm or home business!

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