Is Your Job Safe? Is Technology Taking Over The World?

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed … “Is Your Job Safe? Is Technology Taking Over The World?”


This post is not going to be your typical doom and gloom Job market article that scares the crap out of you.  The answer to the 1st question …

“Is Your Job Safe?” is simple…

YES…but only if you bring more value to the table at a more affordable cost than what you boss could get technology to do your job for.

This might not be news to you.  If so, I have a newsflash for you: TECHNOLOGY IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

As most of you know, the Internet consumes my everyday life. It’s no secret I love marketing.  Everyday I come across awesome  products that either simplifies or enhances people’s day-to-day life.  Some of them work and some of them don’t. That’s just how business works.  I couldn’t tell you if it because I’m exposed to more technology than most people, but I on this is for certain, Technology is moving faster than mos people think.   I believe it’s moving faster than what most people can adjust for.

Don’t believe me? Check out this example.

Last week I had a meeting with a potential client over dinner. It was overall a great experience! The dinner was amazing and it looked like I could do some potential business with this guy. As I was getting ready to pay, I took out my wallet and had to sort through about 10 cards until I found the right one to use.  My operators manager laughed and said Vince pick a business and let’s get out of hear.

The next day I went to the grocery store and bought some groceries for the house. When I got up to the register I once again had to pull out my Rolodex of payment cards and choose the correct one to use.  This was a personal expence so I had to use my personal account debit card.

Although this doesn’t seem like too much of an issue to most, it can be quite annoying at times. I tend to hold up other people that are waiting behind me, when I go out I fear that one of my ten cards might fall out of my pocket, sometimes I expense the wrong card, etc. You get the point.

Then, out of the blue, the Internet had an answer for my issue!  Once again technology saves the day.

Have you ever heard of Coin? It’s a new product that begins shipping in Summer 2014. Coin has created a card that lets you integrate all of your credit and debit cards into one. Itgives you the opportunity to choose which card you want to use by using a digital screen on the actual card!

This is genius! Think about all of the companies that create cards and in my opinion Coin has the power to completely bankrupt those companies? This reminds me of what the self-check out has done to so many grocery store workers out there; essentially technology has made many man operated jobs irrelevant!

Check out the video below. It’s a quick 2-minute video that explains Coin in practical use. I think you will be amazed at the technology and even more amazed at how quickly technology is moving today!

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