How You Can Make Social Media Convert Into Sales. If You Want To Make More Sales You Have To Build Relationships With Your Customers.

2 MINUTE PODCAST REVIEW OF THE POST BELOW WITH VINCE REED… “How You Can Make Social Media Convert Into Sales. If You Want To Make More Sales You Have To Build Relationships With Your Customers.”

It’s not about clicks, it’s not about followers and it’s not even about how many leads you can generate a day. It’s about how many relationships you can develop with your leads, and soon to be customers.

When I got started in order to get someone to opt into a capture page, you would make a video introducing yourself and give away a free training. Nodaway’s you are lucky to see who’s page you are even opting into and you can forget about getting a free training.

Usually you get taken right to a sales page where the person ask you to buy something without even knowing you!

Can you see why most people can’t make social media convert?

As an Internet marketing coach and trainer I come across 2 types of students no matter what.

1. The Actor or Pretender: Unfortunately most students fall into this category. This is the person that acts like they are interested in leaning and implementing the information they are being taught. But in reality they just want it to be easy or for everything to be done for them. They look for excuses or reasons why something won’t work vs. focuses on the things that do work. These are the people that jump around or blame the company or system when things don’t work for them!

2. The Go Giver: If you have ever read the book go giver it’s about a person that takes action while giving the most to others. This is a person that is committed to their business and does not worry about how long it will take to get results. They will do anything and everything their mentor says to get better. They see opportunities where other people see problems. But most importantly they offer value to the marketplace and build relationships with their customers.

Most top earners are go givers and that is what you want to be!

When it comes to making social media convert, people must realize that it is really all about building relationships with your audience. People don’t go on social media to buy. They go on social media to see what their friends are doing and look at other people’s pictures.

If you are going to jump into there lives via social media and interrupt them, you have to be focused on value and building a relationship with them. If not they may like your page, but they will not buy from you.

So my advice is to become the master marketer and focus on sharing what you learn and you will see social media convert a lot better for you!

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