The Social Media Boom Is Coming To An End… Here Are 5 Secrets You Must Know Before The Bubble Bursts

This post is for every entrepreneur who has ever invested in a training program or spent a single dime on advertising and FAILED. If you read this post to the end the advantage you will have will be priceless…!


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Secret #1: Realizing The Bubble Is NOW

Recently at my live event a student asked me how I’ve been able to generate over a half million leads online using (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

They asked me what made me so confident that I could invest so much money into advertising and actually turn a profit?

After about a 10-minute conversation that mostly consisted of me asking them questions…the conversation ended with them convincing themselves that NOT advertising had cost them a fortune over the years.

In fact in their own words… “I’m such a fool… I’ve literally cost myself millions”

I’m not here to tell you I’m the best at PPC marketing and you should listen to me. I have thousands of testimonials from top earners whose results from my marketing strategies speak for themselves.

I’m here to get you to think differently about marketing. I don’t want you to look back and say “if I only had learned how to use the internet to build my list and get leads i’d be set right now!”

We live in a special time where if you play your cards right you can set yourself and family up for life. The truth is you will have to work at it. But if you do nothing, you risk everything!

Secret #2: Spend More… Earn More

The truth is…“Marketing The Right Way Is A Revenue Stream NOT An Expense”

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself these questions…

Do the most profitable companies in the world invest in advertising?

If you were sitting at a boardroom with the CEO’s of these companies and you told them you were NOT advertising do you think they would respect you or your business?

Why or why not?

As entrepreneurs our job is to put our products and services in front of the people who need and want them the most!

I’m sure It doesn’t take me to tell you that.

Secret #3: Become And Invaluable Resource

Most business owners know advertising is necessary but why do so many fail to learn how to do it themselves?

Most entrepreneurs are quick to invest in office space, computers and whatever else they feel in needed to start a business.

But when it comes to doing the very thing that drives revenue which is marketing most business owners do not have a clue how they are going to generate a single lead!

This saddens me because so many businesses fail because of this. PLEASE do not let that be you!

Secret #4: It’s All About The Numbers Baby…

If you want to build a business you have to understand how the NUMBERS work when it comes to marketing.

If I know that a capture page or website is converting at 25%… that means 1 out of 4 people who visit my website become a lead.

If I know that my lead to sale ratio is 10%… 

That means that if I get 1000 clicks to my website or capture page… 250 will become leads and 25 of my leads will buy?

Imagine if my product is $97 in commissions to me?  That’s $2,425 in sales per day?

Would you spend $1000 to earn $2,425 per day!  Welcome to my world because if you want to roll around in the dough you better get used to becoming a master of the numbers!

Each marketing platform or social media website that I use is just a vehicle to help me hit the number of clicks or visitors to my website that I know I need to reach my goals.

I’m often asked which marketing strategy I love the best? My answer is simple, I truly love them all! I don’t see one better than the next… they are all tools that make it easy for me to advertise like I’m a fortune 500 company even though all I have to do is walk down my stairs and instantly I’m working from my home office!

Often in a T-shirt and shorts… lol!

Secret #5: Unique Value Distinguisher… 

What separates me from other marketers is the fact that I make sure the people clicking on my ad knowingly or unknowingly have a problem that I can solve. The bigger the problem the better!

On the flip side, what do you think most business owners do?

They put their marketing in the hands of people who don’t care about you or your business.

Think about this for a second….

What if the person advertising for your business quit… would your business thrive?

If the marketing platform or website you are using bans your account what other strategy would you use to get leads?

If you can answer these questions and feel good about every answer you are in a good place… if not, you’re just like my student who asked me the question at my last live event.

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– Vince Reed

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