3 Facebook PPC Secrets You Should Know To Get 4 Times More Leads! It’s What You Don’t Know That Crushes Your Business!

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed… “3 Facebook PPC Secrets You Should Know To Get 4 Times More Leads! It’s What You Don’t Know That Crushes Your Business!”

Over the last few years, I have used Facebook to grow my business and have received amazing results! The results have been so great that I decided to create a new Facebook ppc course 100% dedicated to teaching you how to leverage Facebook’s advertising platform.

In this post I will reveal to you what I have learned, why Facebook is a platform that you should use and several strategies that I have learned that even the top GURU’s miss when leveraging paid marketing methods on Facebook that you should know.

I am in the process of releasing FB PPC X which is a product dedicated to teaching you how to leverage Facebook PPC advertising.

I have pushed back the launch date several times and will now be releasing it on March 1st because I keep finding new things and getting better results that I want to make sure is in the course.

The crazy thing is Facebook often makes changes and they always leave it up to the user to find them out on there own. These small changes can be the difference in you spending $3 on a lead or .50 cents.

Those types of differences are huge when it comes to growing your business and your marketing bottom line!

So below are 3 things I noticed over the last 2 months as we have worked on releasing this product.

1. Desktop VS Mobile

If your information is not mobile friendly you could be blowing hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you do not turn off mobile in your marketing efforts on Facebook!
It’s even worse if you are sending traffic to links that are not mobile friend to your customer’s news feed.

2. Inside Or Outside Facebook

If you send the majority of your traffic to external links you are loosing 2x the amount of money than if you just created a Facebook tab or simply leveraged a promoted post to increase engagement! If you want to keep your cost down don’t send your customers to outside links 1st when leveraging Facebook ppc.

3. The Power Editor Is A Secret Weapon

Facebook’s power editor is the secret weapon that most online marketers have know idea about and is the reason they have not been able to get Facebook ads to convert for them! Facebook allow you to be very targeted with your marketing which is dramatically enhanced when using the power editor. You must be on Google Chrome to use it but once you master it your marketing will never be the same.

All of these points will be explained in great detail in FB PPC X on March 1st inside of My Internet Traffic System!

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