5 Reasons a Fan Page Is Better For Business Than Using A Personal Page on Facebook! Start Growing Your Fan Base Before It’s To Late!

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed…”5 Reasons a Fan Page Is Better For Business Than Using A Personal Page on Facebook!  Start Growing Your Fan Base Before It’s To Late!”

With so many people stuck in there business and struggling to find quality leads, most online marketers have turned to Facebook as there go to lead generation method for their business.

The question that I get from people and that I see all the time is what should I use “My Fanpage or My Personal Page”?

The answer to this question is simple, if you have a business hands down you should use a Fanpage.  If you know what you are doing on your fangpage, the benefits far out way the things you can do on your personal page.

With that being said it is very easy to see why people don’t feel comfortable using a fanpage.

  1. You have to start from scratch and get fans
  2. It’s another technical thing you have to do
  3. You have to learn how to us it

The most frustrating thing that I notice that people have with fanpages is when they get fans and do a post not as many people see it at first like your personal page.

It’s important to remember that you have been using your personal page since you started using facebook and your fanpage will be new.   So you have to condition your audience to view your fanpage just like you did your personal page.

With that being said below are 5 reasons fanpages are better than personal pages on facebook!

1. Unlimited Fans “Or Friend Count”

You can only have 5000 personal friends and if you are serious about growing your business you will have a lot more than 5000 customers.  When you use a fanpage you can not only connect with that fan but you instantly gain access to all of their friends as well.

2.  Search Engine Results

You can use your fanpage almost like a blog as your post get ranked in the search engines!  You want you content to continue to work for you for life and when you post of your personal page the life cycle of that post is very short.  But when you post on your fanpage it can work for you forever.

3. Facebook Tabs That Link To Your Website

If you drive traffic to your personal page and you continue to post status updates with a link it will eventually move down your newsfeed and be out of site out of mind to your customers.  With facebook tabs you can link to other websites, captures pages and more right on the top of your Facebook page.  This way links to your websites and capture pages always stay visible to your fans.

4. Facebook Insights Or Analytics

If you are an online marketer and you don’t know your numbers you are really missing out on taking advantage of trends.  Although you may get interaction on your personal page there is no way of know what is actually viewing your page.  You can’t track views, demographics, see when people are viewing your content, see when your customers are online and more.  When you learn how to use data it is a huge advantage over your competition.

5. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising, is much more affordable, and very targeted when using your fanpage to advertise on Facebook. Advertising to a Fan Page is more effective than sending traffic to an outside landing page because Facebook wants to keep the traffic within their network. You can promote your Fan Page through ads, but not your personal page. When you post content on your fanpage and then you promote it, you get cheep clicks and a lot more people viewing your content!

These are just a few reasons a fanpage is better for your business than your personal page.  My advice is to start off using your fanpage as a place to store your content, your videos, blog post etc.  If you are consistent you will have tons of fans in no time!

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