4 Bad Habits Home Business Owners Must Avoid

4 Bad Habits Home Business Owners Must Avoid – Episode 282
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4 Bad Habits Home Business Owners Must Avoid

Home Business success comes in various shapes and sizes. It gives you the opportunity to control your own economy and truly become financially free. More times than not though, Home Business Owners adopt bad habits that prohibit them from the success they are working so hard for! Below are 4 bad habits Home Business Owners MUST avoid if they want to be top producers in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, or Brick + Mortar business.


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Below are 4 Bad Habits Home Business Owners Must Avoid:

1: Jumping Around

Whether you are in a direct sales company, a home business, or own a brick + mortar company, you must make the decision to plant your feet in the ground and say ‘this is what I’m going to build’.

A lot of people tend to jump from company to company thinking that it’s the company that will make them money… when in reality, it’s you! You are the one that’s going to make business decisions, grow the company, and be the CEO. You are the enterprise!

If it doesn’t work, it’s not the company, upline, or sponsor’s fault… it’s yours! You must commit from the beginning. Through this process you will see other opportunities that look like they could make you more money. You may come across people or things that look easy. The only way growing your Home Business will get easier is when you decide to focus on one company to build. Click HERE to check out my 7 Figure Home Business Roadmap to keep you focused!

2: Know It All

Home business owners tend to learn a few a things and become ‘know it alls’. They know how to do this… They know how to do that… but their bank account doesn’t reflect it.

Top earners are students first. They attend every event, buy all the products, and continue to be in student mode no matter how much success they have. Top earners understand they don’t know what they don’t know.

So when you start to learn strategies and grow your home business, avoid being a know it all and continue to educate yourself and the money will come!

3: Follow The Wrong People

Home business is a BUSINESS. Following someone who teaches bad habits can be detrimental to your home business and personal influence. It’s crucial to surround yourself with mentors, coaches, and teachers that are proven with proven results. Find people you can know, like and trust. Be willing to pay this person for their time and mirror what they teach you. Taking shortcuts will never put you in a position for financial freedom.

4: Chase The Money

When I say ‘chase the money’, I’m not referring to people that jump from company to company. I’m talking about people that join a Home Business and ask what’s the fastest/easiest way for me to make money now? In other words, chasing the money is not going to get you faster results. There is no shortcut.

For example, a person involved with Network Marketing spends most of their time focusing on the recruiting side of the business. This person has failed to realize that every company typically has products that people need to solve a problem. When you become a product of your product and people are researching the product your company offers, you should be in front of those individuals! If you want to learn more about product selling, click HERE.

So instead of chasing the money, solve problems. When someone searches for your company products, make sure your product is in front of them because they are already looking for it!

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