4 Dream Killers Home Business Owners Should Avoid

4 Dream Killers Home Business Owners Should Avoid
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4 Dream Killers Home Business Owners Should Avoid

All Home Business Owners should avoid Dream Killers. Home Business Owners that end up quitting or fail often fall victim to Dream Killers. You might be asking yourself, what’s are Dream Killers?

Dream Killers are toxic individuals who you want to avoid at all costs if you’re trying to achieve Home Business success. Below I will share with you 4 types of Dream Killers and after reading this article, you will know exactly how to identify Dream Killers and continue on your path to Home Business Success.


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Below are 4 Dream Killers Home Business Owners Should Avoid:

1: People Who Call You Crazy

When you first start as a Home Business Owner you are going to run into people who will call you crazy. These are Dream Killers you want to avoid, especially if the person calling you crazy is not living the lifestyle you want or has the things you want in your life!

Unfortunately, this type of Dream Killer is someone who you are going to have to face most of your Home Business career. People are always going to hate/doubt, but as long as you have a vision and a goal you will be fine.

Remember, the people calling you crazy are the working the 9-5 grind, they aren’t living in the home you want to live in, they aren’t driving the type of car you want to drive, they don’t have the family and financial freedom you envision yourself having.

Because of this, you should NOT be listening to this type of Dream Killer.

2: Remind You Of Past Failures

Nothing is worse than a ‘negative Nancy’!

This type of Dream Killer is an individual who constantly reminds you of your past failures. In reality, your failures are your life’s biggest learning lessons!

I find it funny when people tell me ‘Oh, he’s failed before.” I actually want someone who’s failed before because hopefully that person learned from his or her failure, which provides more experience.

The more experience you have, the closer you are to success and becoming a master at your craft. Don’t let Dream Killer’s shoot your confidence down with past failures. Focus on the future and trust that it will pay off!

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3: Try To Keep You Dependent

This type of Dream Killer tries to keep you 100% dependant on them. This is a very dangerous type of Dream Killer.

These are the people that say ‘Don’t buy anything, you don’t to get caught up with ‘shiny object syndrome’” or “Only look at what we have to do because everything else will confuse you”.

In reality, these are the people that have more than likely bought everything in the past to get them where they are today. This is part of the growth!

You don’t want to put yourself in a position where your success is dependent on someone else. Connect with people who teach you how to fish so you can be 100% dependant on yourself.

4: Your Old Self

The last and most common Dream Killer is your old self!

The last thing you want to do is battle your own subconscious mind. Don’t allow the things you’re telling yourself prevent you from where you want or getting what you want.

A lot of times people will get started with a Home Business and immediately revert back to old habits and patterns from the past. If you want to move forward and live the life of your dreams, be consistent and get rid of your old self that’s preventing you from moving to your new self!

If you avoid people who call you crazy, avoid people who remind you of past failures, avoid people who try to keep you dependant, and avoid the trap of your former self, you will be in position to make your Home Business a massive success!

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