4 Steps To Eliminate Tire Kickers And Attract Winners

4 Steps To Eliminate Tire Kickers And Attract Winners – Episode 286
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4 Steps To Eliminate Tire Kickers And Attract Winners

When building a business you want to do your best to attract winners. Winners are people that work hard and do all necessary steps to create success. Winners provide value and bring good morale to the team. Sometimes though, it’s hard to identify winners.

Below you will learn 4 steps that will eliminate all Tire Kickers and only attract real winners to your business!


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1: Are You A Tire Kicker?

The term ‘Tire Kicker’ was created by car salesmen to describe customers that spend hours looking at cars with zero intent to buy. Tire Kickers are never satisfied with what is offered and indecisive when it comes to purchasing.

They have a ‘get rich quick’ mentality and believe building a profitable business is going to be easy. Tire Kickers are always looking for something or someone to blame other than themselves.

In order to eliminate Tire Kickers, you must first identify if you are a Tire Kicker! Simply ask yourself the question, “Am I A Tire Kicker?”

Be honest! If you’re a Tire Kicker, chances you’re attracting Tire Kickers too!

2: Avoid Tire Kicker Keywords

Tire Kickers use keywords and phrases that make success sound like it’s going to be easy and anyone can do it.

Some examples are: “Turn $10 into $100 for FREE”, “Fast Cash Now”, “Make $1 Million Dollars overnight”, or “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

Using Tire Kicker keywords will attract the lazy and those looking for shortcuts. Avoid this at all costs. You want to work with winners- People who are willing to take all necessary steps to be successful.

3: Do The Work

The best way to eliminate Tire Kickers is to do the work! Tire Kickers typically aren’t hard workers when it comes to consistency and taking their business to the next level because everything in their mind is “easy” and “free”.

Simply do the work, be consistent, and show your business progressing. This will get rid of the lazy Tire Kickers that aren’t willing to work for success. Click HERE and I’ll show you the power of consistency plus give you some tips!

4: Set A Value Standard

Committing to success and growing a business is not easy. If you feel like you have invested in yourself, spent time learning a skill, and worked hard while doing it, don’t sell yourself short! Instead, value yourself in a way that people are willing to pay for your information.

If you value yourself as a person who gives away all their time, knowledge, and value for free, you’re basically saying what you’re offering isn’t worth anything! This will attract Tire Kickers and we don’t want that.

Identify if you’re a Tire Kicker, avoid Tire Kicker keywords, do the work, and set a value standard. These 4 steps will eliminate Tire Kickers and start to attract winners to your business!

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