4 Unstoppable Tips From My Online Mentor Jonathan Budd. What Is His Secret To Making Millions Of Dollars Online?

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed…”4 Unstoppable Tips From My Online Mentor Jonathan Budd. What Is His Secret To Making Millions Of Dollars Online?”

Love him or hate him, Jonathan Budd pioneered the Internet Marketing Industry!

As my journey as an online entrepreneur continues I notice that every great leader has an even stronger mentor. The person that taught how to use the internet was a guy who earned over 30 million dollars online before the age of 30… most people know him as Mr. Jonathan Budd.

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure to get to know Jonathan and there are several things that I can tell you about him that would quickly make you see why he is so successful.

Which is why I will give you 4 tips that I have learned from him that I know will help you grow your business. But before I do, I want to tell you what I believe makes him the GOAT when it comes to online marketing.

If you don’t know what the GOAT means it stands for Greatest Of All Time. I can say that with full confidence and this is why.

Most of the things that people do today online came from Jonathan Budd. Some people will disagree but when you know the depth of his marketing it was and will continue to be on another level. What fascinated me about him was the fact that he didn’t have as many examples of what to do like most of us have today. Yet he still found a way to absolutely crush it and become a multi millionaire before the age of 30.

So I wanted share with you 4 Unstoppable Tips that I have learned from him that has helped me grow my business online.

1. Offer More Value Than You Do Products… People now days are so quick to make a sale that they forget to build relationships with their customers. People should feel like they know you when they buy from you.
2. Have A Relentless Mentality… You should either be learning or creating at all times. Your work ethic must put your competition to shame. Your will to succeed should make your competitors quiver!
3. LOVE YOUR CUSTOMERS… Create products with your customers in mind. Live to see them get results and strive to make them better.
4. Be 1st And Innovate… Be first to the market with innovative technology an marketing ideas that keeps your customers on the cutting age of business, lead generation and technology.

BONUS TIP that I learned form Jonathan Budd is to not be afraid to fail and to learn from your failures!

These are just 4 Tips and 1 bonus of what could be hundreds of tips and bonuses that Jonathan Budd has instilled in me over my online career.

There is no doubt if you take them in and use them you will get results in your business!
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