Can You Use Systems To Grow Your Home Business? Do Systems Work Or Are They Just A Complete Waste Of Time?

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed…”Can You Use Systems To Grow Your Home Business? Do Systems Work Or Are They Just A Complete Waste Of Time?

If you look at any successful business the 1st thing you will notice is that they all have systems in place that keep them running smoothly.

When you hear about systems that are successful you often hear about McDonald’s as the prime example of why systems work.

At McDonald’s everything is systematized from the ketchup dispensers to the amount of time the burgers cook on each side.

McDonald’s has proven that you don’t have to have the best burgers or the lowest priced burgers to sell more of them than any other burger joint in the world.

Although I don’t eat at McDonald’s to often I know that you can go to one in Japan or in the United States and it will still taste the same.

When it comes to the home business industry, I truly believe that marketing systems are created with the idea of McDonald’s in mind. I believe the creators have the best intentions in mind when they create them but unfortunately they often make a new home business owners job a lot more difficult instead of making it easier.

You see most of McDonald’s systems have pictures that explain exactly what to do that never change and can be implemented by a person with a high or low IQ.

You can’t say the same thing about most of the systems that have been created in the home business industry. This is not always the system owners fault, sometimes to much information is created which can be confusing but often this is due to technology that causes things to change.

What a lot on entrepreneurs don’t realize is that innovation is adding a button… it’s you taking a button away and unfortunately most home business marketing systems ad to many buttons and have way to many moving parts that confuse most people.

But that does not mean systems don’t work, using a system is what helped me grow my business online. But I was a little different; I would spend months watching the videos and implementing everything to make it work.

Marketing systems are a great way to get a masters degree in marketing.

With that being said I set out to create a marketing system that is as close to McDonald’s as possible.

I looked to create a system that did not have a million moving parts but was simple to use. The goal was to make something that didn’t overwhelm newbies but sophisticated enough to help experienced marketers as well. I wanted to make sure that everyone would have a plan on what to do to grow their business on or offline.

That is exactly what we did with My Internet Traffic System aka MITS. The main purpose of the system is to help you build the company that you are in.

We have easy levels that a person can progress to that will help them accelerate their learning curve so they can make more money and grow their business.

The best news about the entire system is that everyone can’t be an affiliate of the system. This keeps the main purpose of the system focused on learning how to build your business. This also allow us to insure that our partners are well trained, this is why over 90% of them have earned commissions within their 1st week!

If you want to keep your team focused and learn how to grow business I think systems can help. The key is to pick the best one that keeps it simple, not just for you but also simple for your entire team!

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