These 3 Deadly Sins Will Crush Your Home Business. Are These 3 Deadly Sins The Reason You Not Making Money In Your Home Business?

These 3 Deadly Sins That Will Crush Your Home Business. Are These 3 Deadly Sins The Reason You Not Making Money In Your Home Business?

I must be honest, I don’t understand, I lose respect and am not a fan of people who quit, ask for refunds or make excuses?

As far as I’m concerned those are 3 sins when it comes to entrepreneurship that will prevent you from EVER having success in ANYTHING.

Why do I feel this way?

When it comes to quitting I view it as a sign of weakness. I would rather fail than quit. When you fail, at least you can learn from your failures, when you quit you have to live with it for life and you don’t even give yourself a chance to be successful or even fail. So you miss out on valuable lessons that success and failure can bring you.

When it comes to asking for a refund. I would never ask for a refund because to me that’s like stealing. To me It’s the ultimate sign of disrespect that you would take a persons hard work, absorb the information or the product and then slap them in the face by asking for a refund. I believe a person should do their research before they buy and live with their decision. I believe there is value in everything you do so if the product is bad then you know what not to do when you create one.

When it comes to excuses, I view it as the habit that has created the reality of where you are at that moment. I had a coach that would say to me, “never make excuses, own up to it, live with it and move on.” When you make an excuse you are giving in to the situation and when you do that it gets easier and easier to do. Don’t make excuses, because excuses lead you quitting or asking for a refund on infomation that would probably help you if you tried.

If you are a person who does all 3 of the things I listed above you have 2 options.

1. Stop quitting, asking for refunds on everything and making excuses TODAY.
2. Stop trying to be an entrepreneur or home business professional. You should get a 9 to 5 job and stop fooling yourself. You are wasting your time and the people’s time who are trying to help you.

Some people may think I’m being hard on you, but that would be just another excuse that you are telling yourself. I’m here to help you get results in your home business and lying to you would only allow you to continue to do the 3 home business sins I mentioned above.

If you want to be successful as entrepreneur or run a successful home business you must have thick skin. It’s not supposed to be easy for you to make millions of dollars in your home business. That fact that it is tough to do is the reason successful entrepreneurs are respected so much.

So if you want to be great and change the lives of people all over the world, stop quitting, asking for refunds and making excuses for everything and you will be amazed at how fast your home business will grow!

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