5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube

5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube
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5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube

YouTube is an extremely powerful platform. It allows you to leverage video to not only get more eyeballs on your product or service, but also ranks you in Google search!

People used to turn to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase their video rankings and it would work. Now, since social media has such a massive impact on the Internet, YouTube looks at many different variables when ranking videos.

Today, I am going to share with you 5 easy steps anyone can implement to rank videos on YouTube.


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Below are 5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube:

1: Solve Problems In Steps

The first and most essential step to rank YouTube videos is to make sure your video content is solving a problem.

Once you have identified what problem you want to solve, break your video up into steps. For example, if I was going to turn this post into a YouTube video, I would start off the video by saying:

‘Hey, I’m going to show you 5 easy steps to rank your videos on YouTube’.

I would then let the viewer know each of the 5 easy steps. This will pace your viewers and allow you to manage their expectations as they continue to watch.

This also improves the amount of time an individual views your video. The longer people watch your video, the better ranking you will receive! So make sure to 1. Identify a problem and 2. List the solution in steps.

2: Videos Under 5 Minutes

Try your best to keep videos under 5 minutes. I do understand that sometimes you have to create videos longer than 5 minutes, but there is a reason I’m suggesting a 5-minute or less length.

The reason I’m suggesting this is because if people watch more than 50-75% of your video, this actually looks a lot better in YouTube’s eyes.

For example, lets say you create a video that’s 60 minutes and your average viewer is watching for 15 minutes. Then you create another video that’s 5 minutes and your average viewer is watching for 2.5 minutes. Although the first video keeps the viewer engaged longer, YouTube is going to assume it’s irrelevant because far less than 50% of the video is being watched. Video 2 is only 5 minutes, but if the average viewer is watching for 2.5 minutes, that’s 50% and your video will rank higher.

So keep your videos short and at the end of your video, give a call to action to get more information elsewhere. This will get your video a lot more interaction and rank them faster!

3: Keywords – Focus On What People Are Searching

Choosing the right keywords on your video is an extremely important step. A lot of times people will choose keywords they think make sense. Instead, use keywords that people are searching for.

This step ties in with step 1. If you have identified a problem, your keywords should make sense so if someone searches, your video will immediately solve their problem.

For example, I would use the keyword ‘marketing’ so when people searched marketing on YouTube, my video titled ‘5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube’ would show up and make sense.

4: Match Title And Description

You want to make sure your title and description match in terms of content as well as with your video.

To go back to my video example ‘5 Easy Steps To Rank Video On YouTube’, I would make the title ‘5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube’ and the description would say ‘In this video I share with you 5 easy steps to rank videos on YouTube’.

Now your videos will 100% match – content, title and description.

5: Social Sharing Is Important

Make sure to share your video on social platforms! Put the video on your blog, share it on Facebook, tweet it to your followers, and respond to comments.

YouTube looks at social sharing as a big factor when it comes to ranking videos. The more people engage with your video, the higher you will be ranked. So take full advantage of social media and be as active as possible.

So if you solve a problem in steps, keep your videos under 5 minutes, choose keywords people are searching for, match the title and description, and share your video on social platforms, you will be well on your way to getting your YouTube video ranked!

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