3 Reasons Online Marketers Lose Money On Facebook

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3 Reasons Online Marketers Lose Money On Facebook Summary:

If you have a home business and want traffic and leads, social media paid advertising is an amazing solution for you!  Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great places to start if you want to brand yourself as a leader and build a thriving business.  The problem is, most people advertising on social media are doing it wrong and it’s costing them a fortune.  As an advertiser you should know that most expert marketers do not turn a profit on the money spent on their marketing within the very first month of investing in whatever advertsing method that they choose.  The profit typically  correctly occurs within  30 to 45 days after  your innitial investment.  This is more so the case when it comes to social media marketing.  This is because social media marketing is a form of what I call billboard marketing.  Your ad can show up in front of anyone at anytime.  This means the propper relationships must be built from the very beginning if you want to turn a profit!

1: Advertise On Social Media As If It’s Search Marketing

I hate to be the 1st to tell you, but no one wakes up and goes on Facebook to buy your products or view your content.  Especially when it shows up in persons newsfeed who has absolutely no idea who you are, has no interest in your products and has no need or interest in a  business opportunity.  You have to focus on building relationships with people who have a need for what you have to offer and then provide them with a solution which could be your products and services.

2.  Act As If All Your Fans Or Customers Are Always Online

Not everyone of your fans and followers are going to be online when you post updates.  Even if they were, the odds of them seeing your ad is slim to none… remember you are not the only one running ads.  This means you have to focus on building the right relationships with your Fans so your ads will show up more to them and most importantly you must be consistent.  Change up your ads, use different images, and focus on communicating to 1 person verses writing ads that speak to a large group.  Do this and you will have a higher quality score which means your ads will show up more to your audience.

3.  Short Sighted…Rome Was Not Built Overnight

The more consistent you are the better your results will be on social media.  Especially if you are building a Fanpage… be patient and understand that your pages will grow and the results you will get today will benefit you 10x more in the future!

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