Live Stream Secrets – Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions

Live Stream Secrets: Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions
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Live Stream Secrets – Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions

Live Stream is taking over the Internet! By now you’ve probably heard of Periscope or Facebook Mentions. Both are apps that you can utilize and broadcast video in real time.

Marketers have taken Live Stream and turned it into an awesome branding and engagement tool. With Live Stream, you can instantly reach anyone in the world from anywhere in the world! Crazy concept, right?

Below I’ll share with you 3 reasons I like Periscope and 3 reasons I like Facebook Mentions. Each serves a purpose and after reading this post you will have a clear-cut understanding of the two apps and the best reasons to utilize them!


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Below are Live Stream Secrets – Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions:

3 Reasons I like Periscope For Live Streaming Video

1. Video Displays For Only 24 Hours

When you live stream on Periscope, your video is only available for 24 hours. This allows you to have a sense of urgency when delivering content and the ability to share tips or tricks knowing that in 24 hours that video is going to disappear.

2. Periscope Sends Notification To All Followers

When you start a live stream on Periscope, you’ll have a few options on who you want to notify. You can choose to notify your Twitter followers and/or your Periscope followers.

The cool part about notifying Periscope followers is Periscope will send a push notification to every followers phone. This helps drive traffic to your live stream and gives people a reason to want to follow you – so they can be notified next time you are live streaming!

There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m working at my home office and see a notification from someone I follow on Periscope. I always jump on and get awesome content.

3. Fun Factor and What’s Happening Now

Periscope did an amazing job at making live stream FUN! You’re able to double tap on the screen and see a bunch of hearts. You can see people’s comments and questions during the actual live stream. Periscope is set up to create massive amounts of engagement.

Periscope also gives you the ability to see what’s going on in real time all over the world. For example, the other night I got a notification from Periscope that Daymond John was live. It was about midnight and he was just strolling around the streets of New York and talking business. The perspective was awesome!

Periscope allows you to see not only what your followers are doing at any given moment, but also anyone else that uses the Periscope app!

3 Reasons I like Facebook Mentions For Live Streaming Video

1. Digital Real Estate

When you do a live stream on Facebook, the finished stream is saved under videos on your Fan Page. I love to create content that lasts forever because it continues to work for you.

I use the term digital real estate because essentially you’re claiming that spot and now people can view that content for years to come and be connected to you.

2. Must Have A Verified Facebook Account

In order to be eligible to host a live stream using Facebook Mentions, you have to have a verified Facebook account. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch a live stream or participate in a live stream, it just means in order to stream using mentions you have to be Facebook verified.

This limits the amount of people that can utilize Facebook Mentions, which adds a bit of a cool factor to Facebook live stream and helps you stand out from the crowd of the newsfeed.

3. Reach And Viralosity

The best way to explain reach and “viralosity” is by giving you an example. Typically, I live stream on Periscope and Facebook Mentions at the same time.

The first time I did it, I had much more people viewing and engaging on Periscope. The second time was much a different result. More people were viewing on Facebook.

This tells me that Facebook Mentions has major upside and potential. Since you’re creating digital real estate and your fans can like, comment or share, the chances of your live stream video going viral are much higher.

When it comes to choosing between Facebook Mentions or Periscope, I actually like them both! I think they each serve a purpose and you use the points listed above to your advantage, you will do amazing things!

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