5 Key Factors Self Made Millionaires Have In Common

5 Key Factors Self Made Millionaires Have In Common – Episode 280
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5 Key Factors Self-Made Millionaires Have In Common

Everyone dreams of owning a business and making millions of dollars. The lifestyle change and financial freedom provided by being a millionaire is enough to make it attractive to any person.

The question is, how do you do it? Below I share with you 5 key factors self-made millionaires have in common… spoiler alert: anyone can do this.


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Below are 5 Key Factors Self-Made Millionaires Have In Common:

1: Find A Proven Mentor

Rule #1: Invest in yourself and find a proven mentor. More often than not, especially in the Home Business industry, people take the ‘One-Man Army’ approach and try to create success by themselves. This makes zero sense! Let me give you an example:

You want to learn how to play basketball. You’ve never played before but you really want to learn. You have 3 options – Learn from Michael Jordan, Learn from Kobe Bryant, or figure it out yourself. Clearly you would choose Jordan or Kobe.

Same for your Home Business! Find a mentor and you will dramatically increase your chance of success.

2: Failures Become Strengths

When someone successful is talking on stage at a company event, we automatically assume everything that individual has done works. In reality, it’s the exact opposite.

Successful people try more things than the average person so naturally they get more things to work. The more things they get to work, the more success you bring to your business. The things that fail, successful people end up learning their biggest lessons through those failures… So don’t be afraid to fail your way to success! If you want to learn other concepts home business owners overlook, click HERE now.

3: One Brick At A Time (Consistency)

Successful millionaires understand consistency and realize Rome wasn’t built in a day. In order to reach any goal, you have to start from somewhere. The brick-by-brick mentality is taking 3 steps forward instead of taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back.

As you consistently build your business one brick at a time, soon enough you will look back and see how each brick has laid the foundation for your Rome. If you want I’ll teach you an awesome strategy you can leverage and be consistent with, just click HERE 

4: Believe It Before They See It

Have you ever talked to someone about your Home Business and their response was “let me see if it works for and then let me know”. That mindset will not make you a millionaire.

You have to have belief and vision in what you’re doing before you actually see it work. We are so accustomed to instant gratification in today’s society that trusting a process and your own skills to reach a long-term goal is not easy. If Mark Zuckerberg needed to see Facebook’s success before he believed in it, one of two things would’ve happen – Facebook wouldn’t exist or another entrepreneur would have believed in the vision and created Facebook.

Once when you have the vision and combine it with these other factors, there is no stopping you!

5:  Start With Nothing

A lot of self-made millionaires come from humble beginnings. They started from scratch or were completely broke. Using myself as an example, I was in foreclosure, carless, and didn’t see a paycheck for years. So when you see people that are successful, understand that it wasn’t always that way. Typically they had tough times and made it work for themselves.

If you find a mentor, understand failures are your strengths, have a brick by brick mentality, if you believe it before you see it, and understand that people come from humble beginnings and still make it happen (eliminate all excuses), YOU can absolutely become a self-made Millionaire.

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