6 Ways To Get The Attention And Respect From Company Top Earners

6 Ways To Get The Attention And Respect From Company Top Earners – Episode 284
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6 Ways To Get The Attention And Respect From Company Top Earners

This post is going to share with you 6 ways you can get the attention and respect from company top earners. If there are people in your company you want to work with or people outside of your circle you want to network with, leveraging these 6 ways will enable you to connect with anyone in your niche or business.


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Below are 6 Ways To Get The Attention And Respect From Company Top Earners:

1: Buy Their Stuff

Most leaders and Top Earners create their own products or courses. The best first way to get on a Top Earners radar is to take action and buy their stuff! Top Earners take note of people who buy their products.

Taking action and purchasing their stuff shows that you are willing to invest in yourself. The most successful leaders won’t spend any time working with you if you aren’t willing to better yourself first!

2: Get A Result

Once you have bought a Top Earners product or course, take action and get a result! The last thing you want to do is let a product or service become the dreaded ‘half-read book on the shelf’.

In other words, it’s one thing to take action and purchase a product that will improve your business. It’s next level when you take what you purchased and actually put it into action.

This may sound shocking, but getting a result will separate you from the majority of other people that purchased the same product as you.

Top Earners want to see you successful! Especially if part of the success stemmed from their product! If you are struggling to get a result with a product you purchased, it could be one of these three overlooked Home Business concepts… Click HERE to see what I mean.

3: Share Your Results With Them

Once you get a result, don’t stop there! Let the Top Earner whose product you purchased know about your results. Shoot them an email or a Facebook message… but make sure you go IN DEPTH.

Don’t just tell them you made a sale. Tell them you purchased their product, got amazing results, and a tip or part of the training you really enjoyed so they know for sure you went through the entire product.

Sharing your results with Top Earners is often overlooked. This could be the very thing that separates you from the rest!

4: Share Your Results With Others

At this point you’ve bought a Top Earner’s product/service, took action, got a result, and shared it with the Top Earner. Now it’s time to share it with others!

If you’re active on social media, create a post and say something like “Hey, I bought this product, it’s from one of mentors who I truly respect (give them credit), and these are the results I got.”

This will give you instant credibility to anyone that sees your post and once again, this will put you on the Top Earner’s radar! Outside of social media, there are many methods you can leverage to share your results, even to people you don’t know… Click HERE and I’ll show you an example of search traffic.

5: Teach What You Learn

This is much different than the previous step “share your results with others.”

Teach what you learn means showing your results, showing people you actually are investing in yourself (walking the walk), and teaching this same strategies to others.

Positioning as a teacher will impact more people’s lives and in return, your business will generate better results! Also, teaching helps you better understand the products you’re trying to learn and improve at. If you can teach something, you have a much deeper level of insight than others.

6: Create Other Success Stories

This is the absolute game-changer!

When you can take a skill you learned from a Top Earner, implement it, teach it, and create success for others, you will no doubt be in a position of respect and attention from Top Earners.

The people you created success for will view you the same way you view the Top Earner whose product you purchased and will be extremely thankful for what you’ve done.

That’s what this Industry is all about! Helping people get what they want by providing a ton of value and solutions. The more value you provide and solutions you can offer – the closer you will be to Top Earner status!

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