7 Reasons Having A Home Business Is Smart

7 Reasons Having A Home Business Is Smart To Do – Episode 283
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7 Reasons Having A Home Business Is Smart

Did you pay a ridiculous amount for taxes this year? Is your salary capped at work? Is your boss driving you nuts? Do you want to travel or visit family but just don’t have the time?

If so, there is an answer- It’s called Home Business.

Below I’m going to share with you 7 Reasons Having a Home Business is Smart and how after reading this post you will be on your way to complete freedom!


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Below are 7 reasons having a Home Business is Smart:

1: Tax Breaks

Wage earners are taxed differently than Home Business Professionals. I recommend connecting with your CPA/Tax Accountant and discussing the perks of owning a Home Business.

2: Endless Earning Potential

When you own a Home Business, the earning potential is unlimited. There is nothing set in stone that says ‘you will only earn $32,000 per year + Bonus’ like most corporate 9-5 jobs.

Putting your financial future in a position to earn endless amounts is a major Home Business Professional perk. If you want more information on maximizing earnings, check out my Income Maximizer Formula 

3: Be Your Own Boss

Owning a Home Business means you get to dictate your schedule. No one can tell you when you can go to the bathroom, what your work hours are and boss telling you what to do! You get to make the rules.

Being your own boss is what we all strive for, but don’t forget the added responsibility! With no one there to tell you what to do, the success of your business 100% relies on you and the actions you take.  Surround yourself with other Home Business Professionals who have created success being their own boss. Learn from them and you will be on your way to success!

4: Low Start Up Cost

Most start-up opportunities are expensive. McDonald’s is a great example. If you wanted to start a McDonald’s franchise, the cost will be somewhere around $1 million dollars. This is the case with most franchises.

Home Business has a low barrier to entry. Some Home Businesses you can be positioned at the top for less than $1,000 dollars. Almost all Home Businesses can be ran online, which means no overhead! Combine the low start-up cost with endless earning potential; Home Business is definitely the way to go!

5: Work From Anywhere

One of the best reasons to have a Home Business is you can work from anywhere! As long as you have a computer and access to the Internet, you’re good!

This gives you extreme flexibility. You can visit your family that you never had time to visit or travel to places you’ve always wanted WHILE working at the same time.

The ability to work from anywhere can also be the biggest stress reliever. Often times we find ourselves rushed to work with no time for ourselves. Home Business can provide that freedom of time you’ve always been looking for! It definitely has for me, and if you want to see some of the awesome places I’ve had a chance to visit because of the Home Business industry, click HERE.

6: Leverage/Residual

The Home Business industry gives you the chance to ‘work extremely hard today to be able to relax tomorrow.’ This is not a normal to most people. The fact that you can build a business that pays you a true residual income is what separates it from other businesses.

Residual Income is income you receive when the work is done. They call this couch money, it’s money that comes in while you sleep.  Depending on the home business you are in, this can come from membership paymenns, product purchases, or other services.

In the corporate world, we are taught to work 35/40 years in hopes that you make enough to retire and live the rest of your life. In Home Business, you can grind and build a team over the next 5 to 10 years and never have to worry again if you do it the right way!

7: Personal Development

I truly believe the amount of personal development inside the Home Business Industry is second to none. You have the opportunity to not only improve your financial situation, but also improve personal development.

Looking back at when I first started, I am a completely different person today. I owe that personal development to the Home Business Industry.

In closing, I recommend taking action and becoming part of the Home Business Industry. The tax breaks, endless earning potential, ability to be your own boss and travel the world, residual income and personal development will give your life new meaning and put you on a path to complete freedom.

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