Are You Using The TLVOD & PPM Marketing Method? Every Internet Marketer And Network Marketer Should Know These Formulas To Boost Results.

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed … “Are You Using The TLVOD & PPM Marketing Method? Every Internet Marketer And Network Marketer Should Know These Formulas To Boost Results.”


At some point in every Network Marketer or Internet marketers career there comes a time when you realize that you can make money and generate you own leads online.

It usually happens because some GURU shows you his or her fast results and the screen shots of money rolling in.

If the internet is what you use to grow your business, there is no doubt you will remember that day as the day you became aware of its power and said you yourself….

“I’m going to be rich”

At least I did…the fact that I had the opportunity to put my products and services in front of millions of people who wanted them with the click of a button was very empowering.

Most network marketers and internet marketers use the internet to grow their business, so why is it that most of them fail to get results?

The question that I would ask you if you are not getting results is this.

Are You Using The TLVOD & PPM Marketing Method?

I believe every internet marketer and network marketer should know these formulas to boost results.

TLVOD is what I call my money formula, I discovered it when reverse engineering several of the top marketers businesses online.

T = Traffic… “Learn To Generate Traffic”

L = Leads… “Convert Your Traffic Into Leads”

V= Value… “Offer Value To Your Leads”

O= Offer… “Make Offers To Your List (Sell Stuff)”

D= Duplication… “Create Duplication Amongst Your Team”

If you can do all of these things above, then you will have successfully implemented the money formula.

That’s the good news. The bad news is most people can’t put together all of the moving parts.

That is why I created a marketing system call My Internet Traffic System “MITS” that does all of these things for you!

The other formula is PPM, it stands for Power Positioning Method.

Network Marketers And Internet Marketers often are not positioned to profit.

They often are all fighting over the same prospects trying to sell them on the why their compensation plan and company is better than the other persons.

What they should really be saying is “I Need More Leads So The Best Thing I Can Do Is Steal People From Your Company”

If everyone new how to generate targeted leads they would not need to do this.

There are plenty of people who are interested and searching for your products and services right now.

That’s why I came up with the Power Positioning Method.

In order to implement this method you must provide the #1 solution to network marketers and internet marketers need in order to survive.

That solution is traffic and leads! If you can help them get more prospects they will be more willing to hear about you amazing compensation plan and company.

That is exactly what My Internet Traffic System does for our members, it allows them to make money whether a person joins your business or not!

By teaching the most powerful lead generation methods that the Internet can provide. The difference is you are now positioned to profit and become an invaluable resource to network marketers and internet marketers everywhere.

Implement and master TLVOD and PPM and your business will explode!

If you work in the home business industry and want to learn how to use the internet to generate 10 to 25 leads per day CLICK HERE

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