Should Network Marketing Distributors Use My Internet Traffic System? Does MITS Work For Network Marketers?

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed … “Should Network Marketing Distributors Use My Internet Traffic System? Does MITS Work For Network Marketers?”


This will be an honest review about the network marketing industry.  The real question that I will do my best to answer is, does internet marketing work for network marketing distributors?

As much as I love the internet, my honest answer is “No”.  Internet marketing is not good for network marketing distributors.   Now that answer may come as a shock to network marketing reps considering the fact that I used internet marketing to grow the network marketing companies I was in to well over 20,000 distributors.  Although I don’t do network marketing now because I work full time as an internet marketer, I owe 100% of my network marketing success to the internet!

But that was not the question.  The question was does internet marketing work for network marketing distributors?  Based off of my own person experience most network marketers struggle when trying to use the internet. I believe this to be true because the internet takes the networking out of person who need to interact with people in order to grow their network marketing business.

The reason I say it does not work is because most people do not know how to use the internet and network at the same time.  I was successful because I had the best mentor in the world… “Shout out to Jonathan Budd” who taught me how to use the internet and attract new reps at the same time.

The 1st word in network marketing is “Network”.  So when people start using the internet they hide behind their computer and do very little networking and hardly any real marketing.

My good friend Ray Higdon always makes a good point about network marketers who use the internet.  He’s says and I quote “A lot of network marketers use the internet out of weakness”

I must admit, I agree with Ray on that statement 100%.

With that being said, you can have massive success in network marketing using the internet and myself and Ray Higdon are prime examples of people who have used the internet to grow their network marketing companies.

Although my network marketing skills are on an amateur level compared to Ray Higdon.  The truth is, when used correctly with duplication and simplicity in mind, internet marketing can create massive growth in anyone’s business.

if you are a person that does not want to recruit friends and family members then mastering the internet is your best option.

So the real question is, if you choose to use the internet where should you start to learn…who should you follow?

Some people will say use any marketing system, they all will work for you.  Because I have used just about every system out there and have created my fair share of my own.  I would disagree that any system will work for you.  I say this not because other marketing systems are not good, the truth is some of them can be difficult for newbies.  Newbies need simplicity and that is why Network Marketing Distributors should Use My Internet Traffic System “MITS”  to build their business.

When getting started a network marketer should not be focusing on list building, capture pages, and all the technical stuff.  In my opinion it’s better to use a system that has all of that done for you so you can focus on one task.

That’s why I believe my internet traffic system will work for network marketers looking to build their business.

My internet Traffic System was created with simplicity in mind, to help newbies earn quickly.  There is no technical stuff to worry about with MITS, all you have to do is drive traffic through the funnel and the system will direct customer right into your network marketing company.

But if they don’t join your company they will surely learn from the “MITS” system and you will make money whether a person joins your business or not.

That is why my internet traffic system is powerful because it keep things simple for new marketers and creates leverage points which you need to be successful.

In 2007 I started my career as a Network Marketing Distributor and failed like most people do when they get started.  If it were not for my mentor teaching me the right way to implement Internet marketing into my business, I would not be where I am today.

The internet is powerful, but it’s just not meant for everyone.

So “Should Network Marketing Distributors Use My Internet Traffic System?” YES!  “Does “MITS” Work For Network Marketers?” YES

The next step for you is to see for yourself!


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