The 2 Tier Lead Method – How To Own And Control The Web

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The 2 Tier Lead Method – How To Own And Control The Web Summary:

The internet provides large and small business owners with the power to instantly get their message out to the masses.  This post was created to help you have more direction and insight when it comes to spending money on advertising.  When most new marketers start to spend money on advertising there only concern is how quickly can they turn a profit.  Although this is important, understanding the short and long term goals of your advertising is important.  That is why I came up the the 2 tier lead method.  It will give you direction so you understand how to make the most out of every click you get when marketing.

1. Assets Vs Liabilites

Most people have heard people like Robert Kiyosaki talk about assets vs liabilities.  Did you know that you can that you could be building more liabilites with your advertising without even knowing it?  In the video above I break down how to turn your marketing into assets the continue to work for you forever.

2. Tier 2 Lead

The goal when marketing your business is to build a list.  There are times when a person visiting your website or capture page will not enter in their name and phone number.  Because of remarketing or retageting,  it’s possible to capture every visitor who visits your site and continue to advertise to them.  This would be and example of a tier 2 asset.  A fan on facebook or a follower on twitter would be another example another example of a tier to lead or asset.

3. Tier 1 Lead

A tier 1 lead is when a person provides you with their name and email.  When you get a persons email address you can messure the results and control the outcome.  The video above reveals why tier 1 leads are so valuable.

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