Facebook’s Newest Ad Feature – Lead Generation Ads – See How They Work

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Facebook’s Newest Ad Feature – Lead Generation Ads – See How They Work Summary:

As a lead generation speaker, coach and trainer, my job is to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world of internet marketing and traffic.  Everyday there are new features that pop up out of nowhere that I immediately start to test and implement.  Today, it just so happens to be Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

A few years ago I made a statement at a live event that lead capture pages were going to become obsolete.   Today more than ever that is proving to be true because advertising platforms like Twitter and Facebook are providing solutions to capture data without the end user ever having to leave the platform that they are on.  In other words your customers can join your email list without ever having to opt-in or enter any type of information.  In the video above I reveal exactly what I mean and how you can get 1 click optin leads with Facebook Lead Ads!

1;  Facebook Lead Ads – How They Work

A Facebook Lead Ad allows you as the advertiser to capture the data of your customers without them ever having to leave Facebook or enter in information.  Users will simply have to click a “Call To Action” button and once that is done the infomation that you as the advertiser asked for get’s get added to the back office of Facebook.  You can then login and download the file to get all of your leads.  At this time the imformation does not go directly into 3rd party autoresponders, but there are some 3rd party pieces of software doing some beta testing to allow auto responders to integrate with this new feature.  We are currently testing now and will be sharing it with you as soon as it’s butet proof.

2:  Why you should try Facebook Lead Ads

The money and the power is in your list, but the fortune is in the follow up.  This is why it’s important to try different things that help you build a list that has accurate information.  I believe this is the best part about Facebook Lead Genereation ads.  Advertisers now have the ability to build extremely accurate email list!  This means higher open rates on your emails which leads to more money in your pocket!

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