Instagram PPC Secrets – How To Run Paid Ads On Instagram

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Instagram PPC Secrets – How To Run Paid Ads On Instagram Summary:

Instagram is a social network that allows it’s users to interact by placing images or short videos that people can comment on and like.  Instagram has grown 10x faster than Facebook providing a huge opportunity for advertisers.  Up until now there was NO paid advertising on Instagram unless you were a major advertiser.  But now thanks to Facebook, all advertisers can now promote their products and services on Instagram.  Watch the video above to see how you can advertise on Instagram and get traffic and leads for your business.

How To Run Instagram Ads:

Instagram ads are run from the power editor inside of your Facebook ads account!  The cool thing about Instagram ads is that you can target your Facebook fans and more.  If you focus on branding yourself well on Facebook your ability to dominate Instagram is much greater.

Do You Need Need An Instagram Account To Run Ads?

To get the best results when placing ads on Instagram I highly encourage you to sign up with Instagram!  When you place your ad inside of Facebook your will be able to easily connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account!

For more details about placing Instagram PPC Secrets be sure to view the video above!

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