Twitter Video Ads – How To Run PPC Video Ads On Twitter

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Twitter Video Ads – How To Run PPC Video Ads On Twitter Summary:

There are so many creative ways to advertise your business these days.  One form of marketing that has me very excited is Video marketing on Twitter with PPC ads.  The internet gives you the ability to build a business quickly and if you focus on learning how to do it on a mastery level your ability to generate revenue is much higher.  Running video ads on Twitter is a great option for people looking to build a brand without spending a lot of cash.  Best of all Twitter is untapped as many of your competitors are more focussed on other platforms like Facebook and Google.  Check out the video above so you can see why Twitter ads, specifically Twitter video ads is a great option for you!

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How To Run Twitter Video Ads:

There are several different types of ads you can run on Twitter.  If you want to run video ads on Twitter, when you log into your ads manager you will see video ads as an ad type option. When creating the ad you will have to upload your video to twitter.  Once your video is done processing,  you will have the choice to create the ad as a tweet or only as an ad.  When you create it as a Tweet all of your followers will see it on your page.  If you choose ad only as an your option, people will only see your ad in their newsfeed when they are scrolling through Twitter.  View the video above to get more information on how to make Twitter Video Ads work!

Are Twitter Video Ads Expensive?

I spend a lot of money on PPC advertising so I try it all.  I have not found anything as cost effective when running ads on Twitter as video ads.  Your ability to brand yourself and place clickable call to action buttons on the video gives you the ability to quickly scale on twitter and build a marketing list at the same time.

For more details about Twitter Video Ads be sure to view the video above.

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