Yahoo Bing Ads Custom Audiences – How They Work And Why You Should Use Them

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Yahoo Bing Ads Custom Audiences – How They Work And Why You Should Use Them Summary:

One of my favorite ways to advertise my business is search traffic.  There is nothing like putting a solution in front of a person who is actively looking for it!  Yahoo Bing Ads Custom Audiences allows you to build a list of everyone who clicks on your ads and continue to advertise to them on Yahoo or Bing aswell as other websites that display ads that are streamed by Yahoo/Bing display network.   For people looking for targeted leads watch the video above to see exactly how you can set this yahoo bing ads custom audiences!


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How To Set Up A Yahoo Bing Ads Custom Audience?

You must sign up for a yahoo advertising account.  The cool thing about advertising on Yahoo is the fact that your ads will also be displayed on bing as well!  This means more targeted traffic for your business.  Once inside you will click on the conversion tracking button and place the code in the headtag of your website.  This will build the audience that you can go back into yahoo bing and run another ad to.  Watch the video above for a full demo!

Are Yahoo Bing Custom Audience Ads  Cost Effective?

Anytime you have the ability to advertise to people looking for specific solutions not only will it be more cost effective, it will be more profitable for you as well.  Yahoo Bing Custom Audience Ads are definately worth you testing out!  Watch the video above for a full demo!

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