What I Learned About Facebook Advertising That Most Gurus Would Never Tell You! Major Breakthroughs Happen During Moments Of Crisis!

2 Minute podcast review of the post below with Vince Reed…”What I Learned About Facebook Advertising That Most Gurus Would Never Tell You! Major Breakthroughs Happen During Moments Of Crisis!”

As A marketer we are constantly faced with challenges that we must overcome. If you want to be successful at anything worthwhile you will have to get over the fact that you will have to deal with challenges that would stop most people in their tracks.

The thing that keeps me going to this day is the fact that every time I am challenged, I focus in and it seems like I always finds a hidden gem that most people never see that changes everything.

About 3 weeks ago I got a call from Facebook asking me if I wanted to go through a 4-week training course with them. I was very excited because this was taking place during the time I was creating a new Facebook marketing course for my Internet traffic system members!

This also happened right after I took on a new personal client for consulting who wanted me to do some marketing for them.

Because of these two things I have been spending a lot of time with Facebook and have been running thousands of ads! In the process I started playing around with different ads and realized 2 things that will change the way I market on anything forever.

Don’t Just Split Test Ads, Spit Test The Different Ad Types.

For example on facebook they allow you to do a variety of different types of ads. They have promoted post, like campaigns, strait to website ads and much more. Within those ads you can choose if you want right column, newsfeed ads or sponsored stories. Different ads work differently depending on what you are doing and what your ad says! So what I do is I break my ads up into 6 parts where I will create 2 strait to website campaigns and 2 promoted post campaigns and 1 like to facebook tab campaign. On 1 ad I target peoples newsfeed and the other ad I target the right column. I do the same thing with promoted post but on one ad I use an image in the newsfeed and the other I use a video.  On the like campaign I send the traffic strait to a fanpage tab!

I do all of this on a small budget until using tracking pixels to see which ad converts the best! When I see which ad performs the best I scale it up and crush it.

The last thing you should know is how Facebook’s algorithm works. I won’t try to explain that because I will break this down in my Facebook course we are releasing in My Internet Traffic System. But I will tell you this, always allow Facebook to maximize your clicks especially if your ads are strait forward and explain exactly what it is that you are promoting!

When you do this Facebook will show your ads to more people who are interested in what you have to offer and your cost will go down!

The information I just shared will help you dominate Facebook advertising!

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