5 Signs Of Strength That Non-Entrepreneurs See As Weakness

5 Signs Of Strength That Non-Entrepreneurs See As Weakness
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5 Signs Of Strength That Non-Entrepreneurs See As Weakness

Would you rather win ugly or lose pretty?  This is something I love to ask people all the time.  The reason I bring this up is because people are more excited about what others say or think about them instead of actually making money.

This might make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, but falling for these fallacies are actually hurting your business far more than helping it!

I want to share 5 signs I’ve picked up throughout the years that a lot of people see as weaknesses, but true entrepreneurs (the one’s making 6, 7, 8 Figures) see as strengths.


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Below Are 5 Signs Of Strength That Non-Entrepreneurs See As Weakness:

1: Investing In Yourself

Have you ever bought a product or service and someone in your family or someone close to you calls you crazy? Maybe you’ve been told it’s a waste of time and/or money?

This happens all the time.  It makes you feel embarrassed and you find yourself keeping the product to yourself, scared to share it or tell anyone you bought it!

You shouldn’t be embarrassed that you’re investing in yourself. One of the first events I ever attended I remember going up on stage and sharing with the audience that everyone back home thought I was crazy for spending money and coming to this event, but we think everyone is crazy who didn’t come!

Invest in yourself. When people doubt or question you, realize they aren’t fit for the vision you have for your business or lifestyle!

2: Attending Events

Events are where the magic happens! The problem with events is they aren’t cheap!

You have to book a room, travel, spend money on food, etc. Hotels are a big investment and the average person isn’t going to see past that. 

Embrace the fact that you are going to these events and going to surround yourself with people who are looking to take their business to the next level just like you.

3: Give Credit To Others

This is the biggest/most important sign.  People are afraid to give other people credit.

Let me give you an example.  You will see people learn certain things from other marketers or leaders and they will claim this new information as their own.  They are afraid to share they actually learned that information from someone else.

I personally love to share information and credit others.  When I get a mentor or learn something from someone, I share it! I think it’s a huge sign of strength when you can acknowledge you learned something from someone else, made it your own, and now are getting a result!

4: Having A Mentor

Some people see having a mentor as a sign of weakness.  Let’s say you have a mentor who helped you learn a traffic strategy and now you are teaching it to someone else.  People are scared to say they learned it from a mentor because they think that person will just go learn from your mentor instead of you.

In reality, if you’re the person teaching something of value, most people are going to respect you because of that and stick with you.  The opposite effect will happen if people find out you are teaching things and NOT crediting where you learned it.

5: Failure

Some people view failure as a sign of weakness.  This couldn’t be more wrong! Failure is life’s biggest learning lesson.

The most successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs have far more failures in their life than successes.  Working through failure creates experience, and experience is something that cannot be taught!

So when someone brings up a past failure in your life, don’t get down about it.  Look at it as a learning experience that will only move you closer to success.

If you continue to invest in yourself, attend events, give credit to others, have a mentor, and take failure as a positive, you will be on your way to success and the non-entrepreneur haters will be left far behind…

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