4 Dream Killers Home Business Owners Should Avoid

4 Dream Killers Home Business Owners Should Avoid
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4 Dream Killers Home Business Owners Should Avoid

All Home Business Owners should avoid Dream Killers. Home Business Owners that end up quitting or fail often fall victim to Dream Killers. You might be asking yourself, what’s are Dream Killers?

Dream Killers are toxic individuals who you want to avoid at all costs if you’re trying to achieve Home Business success. Below I will share with you 4 types of Dream Killers and after reading this article, you will know exactly how to identify Dream Killers and continue on your path to Home Business Success.


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Below are 4 Dream Killers Home Business Owners Should Avoid:

1: People Who Call You Crazy

When you first start as a Home Business Owner you are going to run into people who will call you crazy. These are Dream Killers you want to avoid, especially if the person calling you crazy is not living the lifestyle you want or has the things you want in your life!

Unfortunately, this type of Dream Killer is someone who you are going to have to face most of your Home Business career. People are always going to hate/doubt, but as long as you have a vision and a goal you will be fine.

Remember, the people calling you crazy are the working the 9-5 grind, they aren’t living in the home you want to live in, they aren’t driving the type of car you want to drive, they don’t have the family and financial freedom you envision yourself having.

Because of this, you should NOT be listening to this type of Dream Killer.

2: Remind You Of Past Failures

Nothing is worse than a ‘negative Nancy’!

This type of Dream Killer is an individual who constantly reminds you of your past failures. In reality, your failures are your life’s biggest learning lessons!

I find it funny when people tell me ‘Oh, he’s failed before.” I actually want someone who’s failed before because hopefully that person learned from his or her failure, which provides more experience.

The more experience you have, the closer you are to success and becoming a master at your craft. Don’t let Dream Killer’s shoot your confidence down with past failures. Focus on the future and trust that it will pay off!

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3: Try To Keep You Dependent

This type of Dream Killer tries to keep you 100% dependant on them. This is a very dangerous type of Dream Killer.

These are the people that say ‘Don’t buy anything, you don’t to get caught up with ‘shiny object syndrome’” or “Only look at what we have to do because everything else will confuse you”.

In reality, these are the people that have more than likely bought everything in the past to get them where they are today. This is part of the growth!

You don’t want to put yourself in a position where your success is dependent on someone else. Connect with people who teach you how to fish so you can be 100% dependant on yourself.

4: Your Old Self

The last and most common Dream Killer is your old self!

The last thing you want to do is battle your own subconscious mind. Don’t allow the things you’re telling yourself prevent you from where you want or getting what you want.

A lot of times people will get started with a Home Business and immediately revert back to old habits and patterns from the past. If you want to move forward and live the life of your dreams, be consistent and get rid of your old self that’s preventing you from moving to your new self!

If you avoid people who call you crazy, avoid people who remind you of past failures, avoid people who try to keep you dependant, and avoid the trap of your former self, you will be in position to make your Home Business a massive success!

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6 Top Earners Every Home Business Owner Should Subscribe To

6 Top Earners Every Home Business Owner Should Subscribe To
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6 Top Earners Every Home Business Owner Should Subscribe To

For those of you who have followed me for a while or if you’re new listener/reader, one of the things I often share is “The amount of money you make represents the amount of value you offer the world.”

In other words, if you want to make more money you have to put more value in the marketplace. In order to provide value, you have to position yourself to acquire more knowledge, value and information.

That is why I am going to share 6 Top Earners who every Home Business Owner should subscribe to. In no particular order, following these 6 Top Earners will position you to create value that in turn, will make you more money!


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Below are 6 Top Earners Every Home Business Owner Should Subscribe To:

1: Brendon Burchard

When it comes to personal development, there is no better person to follow or list to be on than Brendon Burchard.

Brendon is an amazing entrepreneur and I actually had the chance to attend one of his events a few years ago. Brendon is a global Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure on Facebook and a #1 New York Times bestselling author.

Brendon’s social media posts reach over 10,000,000 people per week worldwide. The amount of value provided by Brendon and the people he’s inspired around the globe is not only impressive, but also a Top Earner every Home Business Owner should subscribe to! Subscribe here: www.brendonburchard.com

2: Gary Vaynerchuk

When I think of business, entrepreneurship, social media, and standing out in a crowd, Gary Vaynerchuk is the first person that comes to mind.

Gary is the type of person you are either going to love… or you’re going to hate! He’s a straight shooter and will tell you exactly what he’s thinking.

Gary started as an entrepreneur right out of college by growing his family wine business from $3 million to $60 million in just 5 years. Since then, Gary has become an angel investor, venture capitalist, and host of the #AskGaryVee Show.

Subscribe to Gary Vaynerchuk by clicking here. www.garyvaynerchuk.com

3: Ray Higdon

If you’re a person that wants to get better at blogging, Network Marketing, and get value on a consistent basis, Ray Higdon is the guy to follow!

Ray has been a Network Marketing and Entrepreneurial beast since 2008. His business is dedicated to helping Network Marketers recruit more reps, get more leads, and become Top Earners in their company.

Subscribe to Ray Higdon by clicking here and you will start to receive his awesome daily content. www.RayHigdon.com

4: Ryan Deiss

If you want to increase your Internet marketing skills and learn from one of the best to do it, Ryan Deiss is the person to subscribe to!

Ryan Deiss owns the company Digital Marketer and over the last 36 months his team has invested over $15 million on marketing tests, split testing, email marketing, and many other Internet Marketing skills that will help grow your business.

Subscribe to Ryan Deiss at www.digitalmarketer.com

5: John Loomer

If you are a person that loves the technical side of marketing, specifically Facebook, John Loomer is the person to subscribe to.

John Loomer teaches Facebook at a much deeper level. He has over 5 years of experience with Facebook from a business perspective and runs the site JohnLoomer.com, dedicated to helping Facebook marketers hit their goals.

Click here to subscribe to John Loomer and you will be well on your way to FB success!. www.jonloomer.com

6: Eric Worre

When it comes to Network Marketing, there is no better list to be on or person to follow than Eric Worre.

Eric has been a leader in Network Marketing for over 25 years and has proven consistency is key – he has created and released a video full of value EVERY DAY!

His online community serves over 137 countries around the world with 300,000+ leaders. Eric Worre will help you increase your personal value level, which will eventually help you make more money!

You can subscribe to Eric’s list by visiting www.networkmarketingpro.com

Lastly, considering you are on my website now www.VinceReed.com,  if you like consistent content like this and want the most up to date traffic strategies that you can leverage for your business right now be sure to subscribe to my mailing list!

Subscribing to Brendon Burchard, Gary Vaynerchuck, Ray Higdon, Ryan Deiss, John Loomer, and Eric Worre will help you grow your business, provide more value to the world, and help you earn more money!

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5 Twitter Lead Generation Secrets

5 Twitter Lead Generation Secrets -Episode 291
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5 Twitter Lead Generation Secrets

For Home Business owners, Twitter is an amazing lead generation tool. Twitter is a social media site where users interact and sends tweets. From a marketing perspective, Twitter is powerful because you can target users and jump into their conversations based on different keywords that you choose. Outside of the traditional search traffic resources like Google or Yahoo/Bing, Twitter is a powerful platform when it comes to targeting your audience.

Surprisingly, Twitter is extremely under utilized by marketers even though Twitter is a top 10 traffic website in the world. Twitter provides a lot of resources you can use to generate targeted leads and if mastered, you will have a major advantage over your competition.


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Below are 5 Twitter Lead Generation Secrets:

1: Twitter Lead Generation Card

A Twitter Lead Generation Card is an image that stands out in the Twitter Newsfeed and has a button attached to it. When a person clicks the button, Twitter automatically sends that persons info to your list and you get the lead.

In other words, people that engage with your Twitter card and click the button will never have to opt in on an actual page.

The email sent to your autoresponder is the email address that person uses to sign into Twitter. Because of this, your emails will have a much higher open rate because you know they are accurate!

2: Twitter Website Card

If you’re looking to get more targeted traffic to your website, Twitter Website Cards are your best bet. Much like the Twitter lead generation cards, a website cards is an image that stands out in the Twitter Newsfeed and when clicked, takes people to a website of your choice.

For best results, make sure the website you are driving traffic to is mobile friendly. It’s been proven that images and cards have a much higher engagement rate, so take full advantage of this option!

3: Handle Targeting

When first creating a Twitter account, you have to choose a handle (or username) for your account. Every person has to create a unique handle in order to use Twitter. It’s a way of identifying yourself or your brand.

As I mentioned earlier, Twitter is extremely powerful when it comes to targeting because you can actually target a handles followers!

For example, if you wanted to target all my followers, you could literally set up an ad and choose to target all the followers of Vince Reed.

Now your Lead Generation Cards, Website Cards, and Twitter ads will show to all of my followers on Twitter. This is extremely powerful when it comes to targeting your avatar! Click HERE and I’ll show you more ways to target and introduce you to my 3 part Twitter Mastery course.

4: Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting on Twitter is different than any other platform. The keywords are the actual conversations happening on Twitter in real time.

For example, lets say you are selling health products. You could create a website card and run an ad targeting anyone in real time tweeting about losing weight. So if Bob tweets to Sally “Hey, I’m going on a diet this summer and need to lose a few pounds”, your ad would show up in their newsfeed like you just jumped into their conversation!

This also works for Twitter search as well. If someone searches ‘lose a few pounds’, your ad will show up!

5: Twitter Retargeting

Just like Facebook or any other website, you can retarget on Twitter. When someone clicks or engages with your content, you are able to continue to market to that person and put your information in front of them!

Retargeting is a powerful tool that can enhance your conversions and keep quality content in front of your target audience.

So these 5 tips – Twitter Lead Generation Cards, Twitter Website Cards, Target Handles, Target Keywords, and Twitter Retargeting – are all powerful ways to generate targeted traffic and leads for your Home Business.

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8 Steps To Creating Your Own Info Products

8 Steps To Creating Your Own Info Products
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8 Steps To Creating Your Own Info Products

Creating info products can do a lot for a business – build a brand, establish authority, and create a cash flow that generates revenue while sleeping. But too often, we find ourselves attempting to create info products and getting lost in the logistics of the process.

Below I am going to share with you 8 steps to creating your own info products. This 8-step formula can be applied to any type of info product and when applied properly, can take your business to the next level.


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Below are 8 Steps To Creating Your Own Info Products:

1: Invest In Products

The first step to creating your own info products is to see what else is out there! Invest in other people’s info products and start doing research.

Other people’s products will give you insight on how they set up their info product, how their process works, and ultimately give you an edge when creating your info product.

Once you have invested in info products, you will quickly realize what you like and don’t like for your info product. This first step is crucial because it can give you a concrete foundation for your info product creation process.

2: Perfect What You Learn

When choosing a topic or focus point for your info product, you want to perfect what you learn.

For example, if you buy a product and it’s on lead generation, master that skill and become good at it! This gives you the authority to create products about lead generation and share your strategies with others. You can do this with any topic of choice! Click HERE and I’ll show you two strategies I’ve perfected and how I leverage what I learn.

If you want to take it to the next level, share your result or strategy with someone on your team. Have them get a result and this will drastically improve your ability to sell your product!

3: What Problem Do You Want To Solve?

Most of the time people purchase an info product to solve a problem they have. So when creating your info product, you want to solve a problem you have!

If you solve a problem you have with your info product, there is a high chance someone else is going to relate to that problem and want to purchase your product!

Once you figure out what problem you want to solve, this will give you a topic or idea to create your own product.

4: Map Out Each Module

Now that you have your topic for your info product, the next step is to map out each module of your course.

Start with the problems you want to solve, then begin to break them down into their simplest form and create modules.

For example: Module 1… Then Module 1a…. Module 1b… Module 1c… Then Module 2… Module 2a… Module 2b…

Modules give you the ability to dive into extreme detail. The more value provided, the happier your future customers will be!

5: Create Powerpoint Slides

After you map out each module, the next step is to create the actual powerpoint slides you are going to use for your info product.

Powerpoint/Keynote slides are extremely effective and give you the ability to explain and share the value of what you’re teaching inside of your info product.

6: Record Audio Over Powerpoint

Now that your slides are created and modules are set in place, it’s time to record audio over your powerpoint slides!

This is the bulk of the info product creation process. You’re simply going to talk over your slides. If you want to show yourself, feel free! There is technology out there like ScreenFlow (Mac Only) that allow you to do this.

Recording yourself can be strenuous. Make sure you are full of energy and animated when recording your voice. The last thing you want to do is put your future customers to sleep!

7: Outsource The Completion Process

This is the part where people get stuck! Everyone isn’t a “techie” and this step is the most technical part of the process.

Once your info product is created, don’t worry about getting it on a website or creating the checkout process – outsource that!

Leverage websites like elance.com, odesk.com, or fiverr.com to get your product put together and functioning properly. They will take care of the completion process for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

8: Release The Product

Once the completion process is complete, release your new info product! Post on social media, invite members of your team, and send your new product out to your email list if you have one.

If you have none of the above, I recommend leveraging search traffic for your info product. Click HERE and I’ll share a strategy with you.

Now you can give yourself a pat on the back because after you release your info product, you have successfully completed all 8 steps! Rinse and repeat for all future info products.

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4 Steps To Generating Revenue In Your Home Business

4 Steps To Generating Revenue In Your Home Business
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4 Steps To Generating Revenue In Your Home Business

If you’re like me, I used to struggle generating revenue in my Home Business. I would try multiple things – some would work, some wouldn’t work. Regardless of the outcome, nothing I tried made a big enough revenue impact for my Home Business.

Once I discovered these 4 steps, everything changed. I was generating more revenue than I could even imagine! Below are 4 steps to generating more revenue in your Home Business. Combining these 4 steps with consistency, your Home Business can instantly become a cash cow!


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Below are 4 Steps To Generating Revenue In Your Home Business:

1: List Building

The first step to generating revenue in your Home Business is list building. List building, most commonly associated with emails, is the idea of creating a list of people/leads that are interested in your products or services that you can market to on a regular basis.

List building doesn’t have to be hundreds of leads a day. Building your list with 5-10 leads a day can be effective as long as leads are targeted and you’re positioned to provide value to your list each and every day.

Most marketers will tell you the money and power is in your list, but I will tell you the fortune is in the follow up! Building a list is important, but it’s what you do with your list that will generate you endless amounts of revenue in your Home Business. If you need some guidance on list building, click HERE and I’ll show you the ropes 

2: Targeting

In order to generate revenue in your Home Business, you have to start talking and communicating with the right people!

You want to talk to people who NEED what you have to offer. This will make generating revenue much easier because now you can deliver content that provides solutions for the problems your TARGETED list is facing.

Nothing worse than finding yourself in a situation trying to sell coffee to a bunch of tea drinkers! Stay targeted and you will avoid this issue. Click HERE and I’ll share 1 simple method to boost your sales and keep your list as targeted as possible.

3: Content

Content is king! Without quality content it will be extremely difficult to generate revenue in your Home Business. I consider quality content to be content that solves problems and points the reader in the direction to eliminate the problem.

Quality content will provide authority to your brand/Home Business and keep your targeted list responsive. You can’t expect to generate revenue by building a list and never communicating with it!

If you’re struggling to create content or simply don’t know what type of content to create, I recommend learning a new skill or checking out a quick training on how to give away free value by clicking HERE.

4: Make Offers

Believe it or not, marketers do all the above – list build, target, and deliver quality content – but forget to make strategic offers! Offers should enhance what it is your customers are already going to do.

Here’s an example: Let’s say I was in a Home Business and I was struggling to generate leads. I would find a method or product that helps generate leads and implement it. So now if I come across someone with the same issue, I can offer the struggling marketer that same product which enhances their ability to build their business.

If you focus on targeted list building, creating quality content with purpose, and make strategic offers, you will be on the path the generating unlimited amounts of revenue for your Home Business!

Did you get value from 4 Steps To Generating Revenue In Your Home Business? If so, please comment below and share your thoughts!





5 Reasons Your Home Business May Be Failing

5 Reasons Your Home Business May Be Failing
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5 Reasons Your Home Business May Be Failing

If you are in the home business industry you should know that there will be ups and downs.  The truth is there are going to be ups and downs in any business.  The key is to learn how to pick yourself up when you fall and learn from your failures.  If you want to have success in your business it is important to mirror those who have had success.  Since 2008 I have been full time in this industry and have seen a lot… not it all, but a lot.  I have also had my share of failures.  That is why in this post I will reveal 5 reasons that your home business may be failing.  I hope you find value in these tips.  Be sure to use them as they will help you take your business to the next level.


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Below are 5 Reasons Your Home Business Is Failing:

1: No One Sees It

The first reason your Home Business could be failing is no one sees it! In order to make sales, people need to know your products or services exist.

This is a direct result from lack of traffic and eyeballs on your offers. Oddly enough, most people understand they need more traffic but don’t do anything about it.

This principle is true for not only home business, but also any other business that exists. If no one sees your business or knows it exists, you will not make money.

I suggest doing something about it! Click HERE and I’ll help you…

2: You Don’t Believe In it

In order to be successful in Home Business, you have to believe in Home Business first. There’s a chance when you got started you saw the possibility to make money, but deep down in your core you didn’t believe in it.

Typically, this is caused by not having a clear direction on how to grow your Home Business. For example, if you knew how to take your business to $1 million dollars, I’m sure you would believe in it and teach others how to do the same.

So trust in yourself and the Home Business industry that it IS possible to make money and be successful. It’s up to you to find that path and figure it out!

3: Wait And See Mentality

When people get started with Home Business they join a company, start to pay autoship, begin to sell products, and tell a few people about it.

Then they fall for the wait and see trap! After telling a few people and zero sales come in, they start to sit around and convince themselves it’s the companies fault they aren’t making money.

All of a sudden Home Business is a ‘scam’ and ‘didn’t work’. In reality, they just wanted to wait and see if the business would somehow become successful.

The Wait and See Mentality can’t happen in business. If Mark Zuckerberg decided to ‘Wait and See’ with Facebook, he most likely wouldn’t be the CEO or someone else would have created it before him! Click HERE and I’ll help escape this mentality and out you on the roadmap to a 7 figure business.

4: No Mentor

Not having a mentor can be a major reason your Home Business is failing. At my last event I approached multiple millionaires and asked them 3 questions. One of the questions I asked was “What is one thing you recommend to do to take your business to the next level?”

Almost every answer was ‘have a mentor’. For whatever reason, people come into the Home Business Industry wanting to make a lot of money but never have done it before. They think they can just figure it out and that’s not the case. You want to learn from people who have done it before!

5: You’re In Learning Mode

This last reason might throw you for a loop, but maybe failing is actually you learning? I call this ‘learning mode’.

Failing doesn’t mean anything other than whatever you’re doing isn’t quite working the way you want. You have to learn from failure because you’re either going to quit or be successful.

Failure is something all Home Business owners face along their journey. You may just be in learning mode, but you have to identify it. If you’re failing and not taking action or doing anything, you’re not in learning mode.

If you’re trying certain things and failing, that’s good! Learn from them, make them your own, and now you have something to teach others what not to do.

Make sure people see your business, you must believe in it, don’t have a wait and see mentality, find a mentor, and figure out if you’re in learning mode. These are 5 potential reasons your Home Business is failing.
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How To 10x Your Organic Reach On Facebook For FREE

How To 10x Your Organic Reach On Facebook For FREE

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How To 10x Your Organic Reach On Facebook For FREE Summary:

Chances are if you are a home business owner and have used Facebook to promote or market your business using a fanpage you may have experienced a lower reach on all of your status updates.  A lower reach means less of your fans and friends are seeing your posts!  

This has caused a lot of online marketers to lose faith in using a fan-page and in some cases has call many marketers to stop advertising on Facebook period.  This post and the video above is designed to help you better understand how Facebook works and to assure you that fans and fan-pages specifically are worth your time and effort.  

In this video I break down 5 important questions and issues that you may have when it comes to organic reach on Facebook.

What Is Organic Reach?

Organic reach is your ability to post an update on Facebook and have it show organically to all your fans and friends.

Why Facebook Organic Reach Is Declining?

There are simply more stories and more pages being created and liked everyday.  This means less space to show all the content that your fans and friends are posting

Why Not Just Show All Post?

Facebook’s main concern is showing you post that are the most relevant to you.  If Facebook showed every update that every person posted you would see less of the things your are interested in and more of the things you hate.  This would make Facebook a less attractive for you and advertisers.

Is Facebook Just Trying To Make More Money?

According to Facebook the answer is NO.  Their main reason for kicking off spammers and adding relevance score on ads for advertisers is to improve the overall experience of their users.  

Is Their An Advantage To Having A Facebook Fan-page?

The answer is YES, when used correctly a fan-page advantages huge.  Check out the video above to see why!


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Want to learn how the top network marketers in the world are building their business?

As a bonus be sure to listen to live interview of several 7 figure earners in the industry on Network Marketing Nation!

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3 Strategies To Earn More While Working Less In Your Home Business

3 Strategies To Earn More While Working Less In Your Home Business – Episode 287
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3 Strategies To Earn More While Working Less In Your Home Business

Do you think working more on your business is the only way to earn more money? I used to think the same, but sadly I was mistaken. Below I am going to share with you 3 strategies you can implement to earn more while working less. When applied, you will be amazed at not only the amount of free time you have, but also how much more money you will be earning!


Home Business Job Seeker Recruiting Formula

2 Underground Marketing Strategies You Never Thought You Could Use Online

How To Find Ready To Buy Leads

Below are 3 Strategies To Earn More While Working Less:

1: Schedule Your Day

The first step to earning more and working less is utilizing time. Create a schedule and block out times for certain activities. This will maximize your daily efficiency and help focus on the task at hand.

During scheduled time blocks only focus on activities that move your business closer to profit-mode. These are referred to as revenue generating activities. Some examples of revenue generating activities are setting up ads, expanding campaigns, talking to customers, making sales calls, etc.

Combining a schedule with revenue generating activities will make your business efficient. The more efficient your business is, the less you have to work!

2: Know Your Numbers And Hit Them

In order to earn more while working less, you have to know your numbers and hit them on a consistent basis. If you know it takes talking to 100 people a month to hit a certain number, what if you were able to talk to those 100 people in a week? You would work less and still hit your numbers/goals.

Do you know how many people you have to talk to in order to make a sale? Or how many clicks you need in order to generate a lead? If not, the only way to find out is by you taking action and figuring out what those numbers are.

Split-testing is an awesome way to test/know your numbers. Click HERE and I’ll show you how.

3: Understand The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is defined as ‘the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.’

In other words, if you’re consistent with your schedule, revenue generating activities, and communicating with leads/customers, you will begin to build a pipeline.

Eventually, the pipeline will hit a Tipping Point and people that you spoke with months ago will take action and join your business or buy your products. This process will take your business to a point where you are literally waking up each and every day with new money in your inbox. Click HERE and I’ll dive deeper into the Tipping Point and how you can also wake up with money in your inbox!

If you understand the Tipping Point you realize working extremely hard today will allow you to relax, earn more, and not be so stressed out tomorrow!

If you schedule your day, know your numbers, and understand the tipping point, you will be on the fast track to earning more and working less!

If you want more tips like this and Entrepreneur/Home Business training, click HERE.

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