Facebook’s Newest Ad Feature – Lead Generation Ads – See How They Work

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Facebook’s Newest Ad Feature – Lead Generation Ads – See How They Work Summary:

As a lead generation speaker, coach and trainer, my job is to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world of internet marketing and traffic.  Everyday there are new features that pop up out of nowhere that I immediately start to test and implement.  Today, it just so happens to be Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

A few years ago I made a statement at a live event that lead capture pages were going to become obsolete.   Today more than ever that is proving to be true because advertising platforms like Twitter and Facebook are providing solutions to capture data without the end user ever having to leave the platform that they are on.  In other words your customers can join your email list without ever having to opt-in or enter any type of information.  In the video above I reveal exactly what I mean and how you can get 1 click optin leads with Facebook Lead Ads!

1;  Facebook Lead Ads – How They Work

A Facebook Lead Ad allows you as the advertiser to capture the data of your customers without them ever having to leave Facebook or enter in information.  Users will simply have to click a “Call To Action” button and once that is done the infomation that you as the advertiser asked for get’s get added to the back office of Facebook.  You can then login and download the file to get all of your leads.  At this time the imformation does not go directly into 3rd party autoresponders, but there are some 3rd party pieces of software doing some beta testing to allow auto responders to integrate with this new feature.  We are currently testing now and will be sharing it with you as soon as it’s butet proof.

2:  Why you should try Facebook Lead Ads

The money and the power is in your list, but the fortune is in the follow up.  This is why it’s important to try different things that help you build a list that has accurate information.  I believe this is the best part about Facebook Lead Genereation ads.  Advertisers now have the ability to build extremely accurate email list!  This means higher open rates on your emails which leads to more money in your pocket!

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The 2 Tier Lead Method – How To Own And Control The Web

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The 2 Tier Lead Method – How To Own And Control The Web Summary:

The internet provides large and small business owners with the power to instantly get their message out to the masses.  This post was created to help you have more direction and insight when it comes to spending money on advertising.  When most new marketers start to spend money on advertising there only concern is how quickly can they turn a profit.  Although this is important, understanding the short and long term goals of your advertising is important.  That is why I came up the the 2 tier lead method.  It will give you direction so you understand how to make the most out of every click you get when marketing.

1. Assets Vs Liabilites

Most people have heard people like Robert Kiyosaki talk about assets vs liabilities.  Did you know that you can that you could be building more liabilites with your advertising without even knowing it?  In the video above I break down how to turn your marketing into assets the continue to work for you forever.

2. Tier 2 Lead

The goal when marketing your business is to build a list.  There are times when a person visiting your website or capture page will not enter in their name and phone number.  Because of remarketing or retageting,  it’s possible to capture every visitor who visits your site and continue to advertise to them.  This would be and example of a tier 2 asset.  A fan on facebook or a follower on twitter would be another example another example of a tier to lead or asset.

3. Tier 1 Lead

A tier 1 lead is when a person provides you with their name and email.  When you get a persons email address you can messure the results and control the outcome.  The video above reveals why tier 1 leads are so valuable.

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5 Profitable Strategies Successful Bloggers Never Overlook

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5 Profitable Strategies Successful Bloggers Never Overlook Summary:

When I started my online business back in 2007 I hated blogging.  I didn’t see the value in it and I put very little effort into it.  Today I kick myself because I know had I focussed on it from the beginning my little 7 figure blog could be doing much more.  Now I know what you are thinking 7 figures is a lot of money and it is.  But it’s small when you think about the fact that my blog was only doing 6 figures just 2 years ago.  So you may be wondering, how I took a blog to 7 figures in less than 2 years.  Well in the video above I reveal 5 profitable strategies that will help you take your business to the next level.  Before I do, I have to give  credit to my blogging coach Ray Higdon.  Without him teaching me the power of brand messaging, consistency and personal branding my blog would not be where it is today!

1. Timed Pop Up Capture Pages

When people visit your blog or website consider leveraging a plugin like pippity to capture leads.  I like to set mine up to where it appears only 1 time per day… per user.  Your primary purpose of a blog is to capture leads and a timed pop up is a great way to do it!

2.  Clickable Opt In Form

I highly suggest you using an image that is clickable on your blog that directs users to an optin form.  This will allow you to instantly track clicks and optins with ease!

3. Pixel Building – Retargeting

There is more than 1 way to build a list.  Retargeting allows you to set a pixel on the computers of the visitors of your websites so you can advertise to them on other advertising platforms.  If you are not getting the email address make sure you are capturing the pixel.

4. FREE Giveaway Offer

Make sure you have an irresistible offer to give away on your blog or website.  My advice is to make it something that you could easily sell for a large fee.  In fact, it should make you uncomfortable that you are giving it away for FREE.  Your customers should say to themselves…”if they are giving this kind of value away for FREE imagine what kind of information will be in their products!”

5. Social Media Boost

When creating content focus on creating content that others would be more than willing to share!  If others communicate with you on your post be sure to engage with them.  Once you do that, be sure to post your blog post on all social media websites.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to drive traffic to your content as wall.  If you do this your brand will explode!

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4 Secrets About Instagram PPC Ads Before They Go Live On Facebook

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, advertisers have been waiting patiently for Instagram to release advertising options to all marketers.

No need to wait any longer, the time has come! Facebook will gradually be releasing Instagram Advertising placement to all users starting today.

It will magically become available in your Facebook back office and via Instagram API. Below I will share with you everything you need to know about Instagram ads.



What Do I Need To Advertise On Instagram?

First and foremost, anyone can now advertise on Instagram as long as you have a Facebook ad account.

You DO NOT need an Instagram account, but Facebook recommends it. Here is what Facebook says about having an Instagram account:

Do I Need An Instagram Account To Run Ads On Instagram?

  • No, an Instagram account is recommended but not required to run ads on Instagram. However, if you don’t add an Instagram account to your Business Manager or in your Page settings, your ads will appear with a grayed out handle, and you won’t be able to view or respond to comments on your ads. Learn how to add an Instagram account to your Business Manager.

I suggest having an Instagram account because you do not want to miss out on the ability to communicate with people responding to your ad. The more you can communicate, the better your results will be!

How Do I Advertise On Instagram?

Instagram advertising is available via Instagram ads API and the Power Editor. You will not be able to edit or create Instagram ads in Ads Manager.

There are 3 types of objectives that currently support Instagram ads:

  • Click To Website
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Video Views

Courtesy of Facebook, below are 6 easy steps you can follow to have an Instagram ad up and running in no time!

Image 1 (1)

It’s important to note that if you do not have ‘Instagram Placement’ selected in your ad set, your ad will not show on Instagram.

In order to assure this, go to your current ad set or create a new ad set in the Power Editor. From there:

How To Select Ad Set On Instagram Ads

If Instagram Placement isn’t an option for you yet, that just means that Facebook hasn’t rolled out Instagram advertising to your account.

It will look like this:

Where Ads WEill Show Up For Instagram On Facebook

Just be patient! Facebook has stated that Instagram ads are gradually rolling out and may not be immediately available to you quite yet.

Where Will My Ads Appear And What Will They Look Like?

Your Instagram ads will appear in people’s Instagram feed along side of any other Instagram accounts your target audience follows.

There are 2 formats you can choose when creating an Instagram ad:

What Instagram Ads Look Like

All Instagram Ads will have a ‘Sponsored’ icon on the top right and a call-to-action button below the image. Your Instagram caption will appear below the image and call-to-action button and is 100% customizable to the advertiser.

How Will I Be Able To Measure The Results Of My Instagram Ad?

Just like Facebook ads, performance metrics of your Instagram ads will be available to view in the Power Editor and Ads Manager.

Instagram will use all of the same features and reporting tools Facebook provides. You’ll even be able to look at metrics at the campaign, ad set, and ad levels.

Are The Advertising Policies The Same As Facebook? 

Absolutely. Facebook Advertising Policies will now include which ads are acceptable and unacceptable on Facebook and Instagram. Click HERE to read through the entire policy. 

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1 Simple Way To Get Unlimited Visitors To Your Website In 5 Minutes Or Less

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1 Simple Way To Get Unlimited Visitors To Your Website In 5 Minutes Or Less Sumary:

As an internet marketer there are several ways to get visitors to your website.  Some things are more technical than others. So I decided to write this post because I always get the question… “What is 1 Simple Way To Get Unlimited Visited To Your Website In 5 Minutes Or Less?” When I get this qusetion I know that person is looking for an easy solution.  Although the answer is not always simple, I truly believe the question is fair, therefore I am going to do my best to anwer it.  If you want traffic to your website, the fastest way to do it is to legally steal traffic from other sites that are already getting traffic in your niche.  You can easly do it with bannar ads.  The key is to use thousands of them if possible and in the video above I share with you several strategies that you can use to be very effective with banner ads.

1. Banner Ad Networks (BuySellAds.com)

In the video above I share with you how you can use websites like BuySellAds.com to get traffic to your website immediately.  This site allows for you to find websites in your niche that you can place banners on to start directing their traffic to your website immediatile.  This method is best used in volume and over long periods of time.

2.  Locate Other Websites In Your Niche

In the video above I reveal to you a simple strategy that will allow you to find other websites in your niche to place banners on that are not in ad networks.  You will be very suprised when you start to identify blogs and websites that get a lot of traffic.  All you will have to do is reach out to them, ask them if they will take your money to place your ad on there site and in minutes you will be getting traffic.

3.  Place Ads On NetworkMarketingNation.com 

In the video above I show you how easily you can have ads up on a website that I own called NetworkMarketingNation.  This website is dedicated to online marketers and network marketers so if that is the niche that you are in, placing ads on this website is a great option for you!

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Live Stream Secrets – Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions

Live Stream Secrets Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions

Live Stream Secrets: Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions
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Live Stream Secrets – Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions

Live Stream is taking over the Internet! By now you’ve probably heard of Periscope or Facebook Mentions. Both are apps that you can utilize and broadcast video in real time.

Marketers have taken Live Stream and turned it into an awesome branding and engagement tool. With Live Stream, you can instantly reach anyone in the world from anywhere in the world! Crazy concept, right?

Below I’ll share with you 3 reasons I like Periscope and 3 reasons I like Facebook Mentions. Each serves a purpose and after reading this post you will have a clear-cut understanding of the two apps and the best reasons to utilize them!


[vc_video title=”3 Reasons Online Marketers Lose Money On Facebook” link=”https://youtu.be/18fTzCkr464″]

Yes Vince, I Want To Learn Your 2 Biggest Online Breakthroughs

Below are Live Stream Secrets – Periscope Vs Facebook Mentions:

3 Reasons I like Periscope For Live Streaming Video

1. Video Displays For Only 24 Hours

When you live stream on Periscope, your video is only available for 24 hours. This allows you to have a sense of urgency when delivering content and the ability to share tips or tricks knowing that in 24 hours that video is going to disappear.

2. Periscope Sends Notification To All Followers

When you start a live stream on Periscope, you’ll have a few options on who you want to notify. You can choose to notify your Twitter followers and/or your Periscope followers.

The cool part about notifying Periscope followers is Periscope will send a push notification to every followers phone. This helps drive traffic to your live stream and gives people a reason to want to follow you – so they can be notified next time you are live streaming!

There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m working at my home office and see a notification from someone I follow on Periscope. I always jump on and get awesome content.

3. Fun Factor and What’s Happening Now

Periscope did an amazing job at making live stream FUN! You’re able to double tap on the screen and see a bunch of hearts. You can see people’s comments and questions during the actual live stream. Periscope is set up to create massive amounts of engagement.

Periscope also gives you the ability to see what’s going on in real time all over the world. For example, the other night I got a notification from Periscope that Daymond John was live. It was about midnight and he was just strolling around the streets of New York and talking business. The perspective was awesome!

Periscope allows you to see not only what your followers are doing at any given moment, but also anyone else that uses the Periscope app!

3 Reasons I like Facebook Mentions For Live Streaming Video

1. Digital Real Estate

When you do a live stream on Facebook, the finished stream is saved under videos on your Fan Page. I love to create content that lasts forever because it continues to work for you.

I use the term digital real estate because essentially you’re claiming that spot and now people can view that content for years to come and be connected to you.

2. Must Have A Verified Facebook Account

In order to be eligible to host a live stream using Facebook Mentions, you have to have a verified Facebook account. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch a live stream or participate in a live stream, it just means in order to stream using mentions you have to be Facebook verified.

This limits the amount of people that can utilize Facebook Mentions, which adds a bit of a cool factor to Facebook live stream and helps you stand out from the crowd of the newsfeed.

3. Reach And Viralosity

The best way to explain reach and “viralosity” is by giving you an example. Typically, I live stream on Periscope and Facebook Mentions at the same time.

The first time I did it, I had much more people viewing and engaging on Periscope. The second time was much a different result. More people were viewing on Facebook.

This tells me that Facebook Mentions has major upside and potential. Since you’re creating digital real estate and your fans can like, comment or share, the chances of your live stream video going viral are much higher.

When it comes to choosing between Facebook Mentions or Periscope, I actually like them both! I think they each serve a purpose and you use the points listed above to your advantage, you will do amazing things!

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3 Reasons Online Marketers Lose Money On Facebook

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3 Reasons Online Marketers Lose Money On Facebook Summary:

If you have a home business and want traffic and leads, social media paid advertising is an amazing solution for you!  Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great places to start if you want to brand yourself as a leader and build a thriving business.  The problem is, most people advertising on social media are doing it wrong and it’s costing them a fortune.  As an advertiser you should know that most expert marketers do not turn a profit on the money spent on their marketing within the very first month of investing in whatever advertsing method that they choose.  The profit typically  correctly occurs within  30 to 45 days after  your innitial investment.  This is more so the case when it comes to social media marketing.  This is because social media marketing is a form of what I call billboard marketing.  Your ad can show up in front of anyone at anytime.  This means the propper relationships must be built from the very beginning if you want to turn a profit!

1: Advertise On Social Media As If It’s Search Marketing

I hate to be the 1st to tell you, but no one wakes up and goes on Facebook to buy your products or view your content.  Especially when it shows up in persons newsfeed who has absolutely no idea who you are, has no interest in your products and has no need or interest in a  business opportunity.  You have to focus on building relationships with people who have a need for what you have to offer and then provide them with a solution which could be your products and services.

2.  Act As If All Your Fans Or Customers Are Always Online

Not everyone of your fans and followers are going to be online when you post updates.  Even if they were, the odds of them seeing your ad is slim to none… remember you are not the only one running ads.  This means you have to focus on building the right relationships with your Fans so your ads will show up more to them and most importantly you must be consistent.  Change up your ads, use different images, and focus on communicating to 1 person verses writing ads that speak to a large group.  Do this and you will have a higher quality score which means your ads will show up more to your audience.

3.  Short Sighted…Rome Was Not Built Overnight

The more consistent you are the better your results will be on social media.  Especially if you are building a Fanpage… be patient and understand that your pages will grow and the results you will get today will benefit you 10x more in the future!

Want to learn how the top network marketers in the world are building their business?

As a bonus be sure to listen to live interview of several 7 figure earners in the industry on Network Marketing Nation!

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5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube

5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube
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5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube

YouTube is an extremely powerful platform. It allows you to leverage video to not only get more eyeballs on your product or service, but also ranks you in Google search!

People used to turn to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase their video rankings and it would work. Now, since social media has such a massive impact on the Internet, YouTube looks at many different variables when ranking videos.

Today, I am going to share with you 5 easy steps anyone can implement to rank videos on YouTube.


[vc_video title=”2 Attraction Marketing Tips Proven To Explode Your Personal Brand” link=”https://youtu.be/aZHSc30zidk”]

Yes Vince, I Want To Learn Your 2 Biggest Online Breakthroughs

Below are 5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube:

1: Solve Problems In Steps

The first and most essential step to rank YouTube videos is to make sure your video content is solving a problem.

Once you have identified what problem you want to solve, break your video up into steps. For example, if I was going to turn this post into a YouTube video, I would start off the video by saying:

‘Hey, I’m going to show you 5 easy steps to rank your videos on YouTube’.

I would then let the viewer know each of the 5 easy steps. This will pace your viewers and allow you to manage their expectations as they continue to watch.

This also improves the amount of time an individual views your video. The longer people watch your video, the better ranking you will receive! So make sure to 1. Identify a problem and 2. List the solution in steps.

2: Videos Under 5 Minutes

Try your best to keep videos under 5 minutes. I do understand that sometimes you have to create videos longer than 5 minutes, but there is a reason I’m suggesting a 5-minute or less length.

The reason I’m suggesting this is because if people watch more than 50-75% of your video, this actually looks a lot better in YouTube’s eyes.

For example, lets say you create a video that’s 60 minutes and your average viewer is watching for 15 minutes. Then you create another video that’s 5 minutes and your average viewer is watching for 2.5 minutes. Although the first video keeps the viewer engaged longer, YouTube is going to assume it’s irrelevant because far less than 50% of the video is being watched. Video 2 is only 5 minutes, but if the average viewer is watching for 2.5 minutes, that’s 50% and your video will rank higher.

So keep your videos short and at the end of your video, give a call to action to get more information elsewhere. This will get your video a lot more interaction and rank them faster!

3: Keywords – Focus On What People Are Searching

Choosing the right keywords on your video is an extremely important step. A lot of times people will choose keywords they think make sense. Instead, use keywords that people are searching for.

This step ties in with step 1. If you have identified a problem, your keywords should make sense so if someone searches, your video will immediately solve their problem.

For example, I would use the keyword ‘marketing’ so when people searched marketing on YouTube, my video titled ‘5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube’ would show up and make sense.

4: Match Title And Description

You want to make sure your title and description match in terms of content as well as with your video.

To go back to my video example ‘5 Easy Steps To Rank Video On YouTube’, I would make the title ‘5 Easy Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube’ and the description would say ‘In this video I share with you 5 easy steps to rank videos on YouTube’.

Now your videos will 100% match – content, title and description.

5: Social Sharing Is Important

Make sure to share your video on social platforms! Put the video on your blog, share it on Facebook, tweet it to your followers, and respond to comments.

YouTube looks at social sharing as a big factor when it comes to ranking videos. The more people engage with your video, the higher you will be ranked. So take full advantage of social media and be as active as possible.

So if you solve a problem in steps, keep your videos under 5 minutes, choose keywords people are searching for, match the title and description, and share your video on social platforms, you will be well on your way to getting your YouTube video ranked!

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