Instagram Website Click Ads – How They Work And Why You Should Use Them

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Instagram Website Click Ads – How They Work And Why You Should Use Them Summary:

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that many online marketers have turned to as anther way to get leads and attract new customers online!  The problem that a lot of marketers face on Instagram is the fact that they can get followers and likes but they struggle to get leads!  Prior to instagram website ads you could not drive traffic dirctly to URL’s or websites.  A person would have to manually click on the link in your profile of your description or visite your website URL manually if you had one on the image!  Thanks to Instagram website click ads you can now direct images and videos to your websites or capture pages to get leads!  See the video above for more details!


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What Are Instagram Ads And How Do They Work?

Instagram is reported to have over 500 million users and continues to grow by the thousands every second.  For people who looking for something other than Facebook and want something new, Instagram is a great option for you.  Instagram is loaded with photo’s which can keep the end user lost and clicking through your profile for hours.  This is why leveraging Instagram website click ads is so important.  See the video above for details!

Are Instagram Ads Cost Effective For Marketers With Small Budgets?

Instagram website click ads are very cost effective. Where it may cost me $1 for a click on Facebook, that same click is costing me .10 on Instagram.  Instagram is a great option for marketers with small budgets!

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