YouTube Retargeting Secrets – (PPC) Pay-Per-Click With YouTube Video Ads

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YouTube (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Retargeting Secrets Summary:

Since 2012 I’ve been consistantly been using YouTube to host videos and share content on (PPC) Pay Per Click marketing.  Although Facebook is giving YouTube a run for its money, in my humble opinion YouTube still reigns supreme.  I believe this to be true because of the pure fact that YouTube is owned by Google and there is nothing like search traffic.  You see for the most part, people have to be actively looking for what you have to offer on YouTube whereas on Facebook your video interrupts the end user by appearing in their newsfeed which in my opinion is the main reason people suffer with conversions on Facebook.  Watch the video above to see how you can leverage YouTube Retargeting so you can continue to advertise to every single person who views your video!


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What Is YouTube Retargeting and how does it work?

If you have ever clicked on an advertisement online only to have that ad continue to follow you around the web forever.  This is called retargeting and it’s hands down a marketing feature that every online marketer should be using.  When you set up a video on YouTube you can set up a Retargeting audience which allows you to create a separate ad targeting only the people who have viewed a prior video!  See the video above for a complete demo of how it works!

Should you use YouTube Retargeting PPC advertising?

The hardest part of advertising videos is making a video ad convert.  Most people can get tons of views but sales are the thing that drives people crazy with video marketing.  Not only is YouTube Retargeting going to boost your conversions its going to lower your ad cost because your clickthough rates will be much higher.  Word of advise… master this method ASAP.  See video above for details on YouTube Retargeting now!


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